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Kandi Burruss Is Down For Sheree Whitfield To Return To Real Housewives Next Season

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is long overdue for a cast shakeup. Atlanta is one of those cities that always has casting problems — the new girls tend to be one season and done. And often they rely on bringing old faces back into the mix, which doesn’t always work out the best. It’s time for some true newbies and Atlanta’s most fabulous to get thrown into the mix. And someone PLEASE get a peach in Marlo Hampton’s hands.

There’s been talk that Sheree Whitfield might be making her third return to the show for the next season. She’s been teasing it on Instagram and Andy Cohen mentioned an alum would be making a return to another city. Since Andy is not shy about his love for Sheree, it seems like she’s the safe bet to return. I’d bet on that over the idea that we’re EVER going to see joggers from She by Sheree.

In a recent interview, Kandi Burruss mentioned she’d be down for Sheree to make a comebackThe Jasmine Brand reports. “I always love Sheree. She’s always good TV to me. She’s had some very explosive moments in some of these past seasons. So, I’m here for it, honestly,” Kandi said. She added that if Bravo wants Sheree back, she’s “here for it.” Same. Someone try to check her or her man, boo, she won’t stand for it.


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While I’m all about a Sheree comeback, it’s not the solution to the RHOA casting problem. It sounds like Cynthia Bailey might end her long run on the show, and it seems about time. I’d like to see Phaedra Parks make a return and a whole bunch of newbies. The Porsha Williams/Kenya Moore feud has been there, done that like 10 times now. It’s not a compelling storyline anymore.


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And it sounds like from Kandi’s interview that she doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon, even though she wasn’t heavily involved last season aside from gracing the viewers (and the RHOA ladies) with Bolo’s presence. However, when Kandi’s good, she’s good and has the power to be a leader. That is if she stops telling Don Juan everyone’s secrets.


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