Mia Thornton Shades Wendy Osefo’s Candle Line By Selling Candles Of Her Own

If you aren’t watching Season 6 of Real Housewives of Potomac, then you are missing out. Mia Thornton may be the newbie on RHOP, but she is bringing it. And her co-star, Wendy Osefo, isn’t a fan of the new girl. At all.

Last season, viewers were treated to Wendy bragging about her PhD. During the season premiere, Wendy hosted a “nude interlude” party where she revealed her new breasts, and other assets. That’s right, Wendy has a new butt, and a new attitude. Mia, who is besties with Karen Huger, came with her to the party. Mia shared that her husband is 38 years older than her. But Mia was unable to compute her own age. Oof. She sided with Gizelle Bryant during Karen’s argument with Gizelle.

At Karen’s love lunch, Mia changed her mind about Gizelle and supported Karen. Wendy called her out for being disloyal to Karen.  Then the couples played a newlywed-type game. Mia revealed that she met her husband, Gordon Thornton, at a strip club where she was a bartender. Mia later stated that they actually met while serving on a board for a non-profit organization.

Wendy went after Mia for being fake and for working in a strip club. Why is being a stripper so scandalous? Wendy tweeted on July 18, 2021, “Girl, stop deflecting. I clocked you as a liar and a flip flopper from the moment I met you and you’ve been mad at me ever since.” Have a seat, Mia, because Wendy wasn’t done.

“First you don’t know your age, then within 24 hours you go from her having a ‘good heart’ to ‘just a pretty face,’ then you say you’re a bartender when we all know you’re a stripper,” Wendy tweeted. “So many lies… but go off sis.”


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Mia finally hit back, and hilariously made fun of Wendy’s slither walk from RHOP Season 5. She tweeted, “Whew. Chile. #bothered #much. Strippers have way more fun than Slithers. Just saying. (Natural Hair Flip).”

Wendy responded that she wasn’t shaming Mia for her past (while shaming Mia for her past.) “Always funny when they attempt to spin the narrative. Nah sis, my tweet pointed you out as a liar and flip flopper. NEVER shamed you,” Wendy wrote. “Be blessed.” Mia tweeted a steamy photo with the caption, “The freedom to be YOURSELF is a gift only YOU can give yourself + once you do, NO ONE can take it away.”

During the most recent episode of RHOP, Wendy sought advice from Karen about her candle line. While Wendy is passionate about her project, it is clear that she hasn’t done her homework. Later, when the ladies met at a spa to pamper expectant mom Ashley Darby, there was drama again. “Zen Wen” proceeded to read Mia up and down. Mia stated that Wendy must be unhappy at home. These two ladies are going to be coming for each other all season.


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Meanwhile, Gizelle dissed Wendy’s candle line, predicting that it wouldn’t be “that successful.” Mia also threw some possible shade at Wendy. Mia posted about her own candle line on Instagram. “The Best Revenge is your Paper” —LIMITED EDITION “Statement Candles” Now Available @amilleonlondon. A Thompson Ferrier Collection #dontf*ckwithme #karmaisabitch #therealhomeessentials.”

Mia added a fire emoji and wrote, “Grab Yours Today!” One candle had the text “Don’t F*ck With Me” while another stated, “KARMA Is A Bitch.”

Game on, Wendy.


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