Winter House Trailer: Summer House Ladies Battle Over Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll; Mashup Cast Brings The Heat To Vermont

It’s finally here — Bravo has officially dropped the first trailer and premiere date for the Summer House and Southern Charm mashup show Winter House. Andy Cohen clearly pulled some strings as the network changed the show from Summer House Winter Charm, which was just AWFUL. But the winter-themed mashup is on its way, and boy does it look like a lot of Loverboy-fueled messiness. To note — not a TropHop was in sight in the trailer. Just an interesting factoid to point out.

To do some housekeeping, the Winter House cast includes Summer House’s Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson, Paige DeSorbo, Kyle Cook, Lindsay Hubbard, and Amanda Batula. The Southern Charm single guys Austen Kroll and Craig Conover are along for the ride. And we have a few newbies — Julia McGuire, Andrea Denver, Gabby Kniery, and Jason Cameron to round out the cast. The show is set to premiere on October 20 on Bravo. OK now onto this trainwreck of a trailer.

People released the trailer that shows the gang taking on Stowe, VT. There’s plenty of costume-wearing madness, snowball fights, and, of course, a few hookups. “I don’t know how we’re going to make it 17 days,” Craigy says in the trailer. Honestly, me neither. It’s good old fashion debauchery at its finest.

Paige and Ciara are on the hunt for a perfect guy. And once Paige gets sight of Andrea, an Italian model, and his abs, she problems she thinks she’s “in love.” It’s confusing considering the rumors that Paige and Craig are an item, but maybe this was just a fling before that. Either way, as always, Paige is turning out LEWKS up in VT and I’m living for it.


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And now, we have to get into the Austen of it all. Apparently, he has flings with both Ciara and Lindsay. Luke also insinuates he has other girls he talks to, so sounds like he’s a certified f–k boy. More recently, Lindsay and Austen shut down rumors they were dating. But in the premiere, Lindsay says she thinks she’s in love with Austen. Ohhh boy, he probably didn’t make her a sandwich or something.

To make matters worse, Madison LeCroy is seemingly ALSO back in the mix. It must’ve been before she found her new man, but just Madison and Austen’s names appearing near each other gives me PTSD. Austen says that Madison allegedly texted him saying, “Please tell me that you haven’t moved on.” WE’RE DONE WITH THIS. LIKE STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS RELATIONSHIP HAPPEN. In the wise words of Paige in the trailer, “Hold on, let me get this right — three girls fighting over Austen Kroll. Just confused.” Same girl, same.

Watch the trailer below.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]