Andy Cohen Southern Charm Reunion

Andy Cohen Hates The Name Of Southern Charm And Summer House Spin-Off

Series that were filmed during 2020 for Bravo were either a hit or a miss last year. With the coronavirus pandemic totally flipping everything on its head, the cast members from some of the shows just couldn’t bring it like they usually do. For example, something was really off with shows like the Real Housewives of Orange County and the Real Housewives of Dallas. Real Housewives of New Jersey brought it as always. And then some shows, like Summer House and Southern Charm, were a major surprise. They proved that no matter what’s going on in the world, there is always shade to be thrown and drama to be had.

Southern Charm took on the Black Lives Matter movement, several cast members getting COVID-19 and the exposure of Madison LeCroy’s FaceTime dates with Alex Rodriguez while he was still engaged to THE Jennifer Lopez. So there was no shortage of mess to be had or pots for Shep Rose to stir. And as for Summer House, the good vibes tribe tackled working from home from the Hamptons house. And all the extra time definitely proved to increase some tension between the roommates.

Bravo is also giving fans the gift of several new shows, including the Real Housewives All-Stars series and the Southern Charm/Summer House mashup. Dubbed Winter Charm by fans, the show will include the New York crew joined by Austen Kroll and newly single Craig Conover for a winter vacay. It’s unclear if Hannah Berner is involved now that she’s leaving Summer House for a comedy career or whatever. But no matter who’s there, the show is sure to be filled with plenty of Loverboys to go around and even more drama.

Bravo announced that the name of the spin-off is Summer House Winter Charm. It really doesn’t roll off the tongue as good as Winter House. And apparently, Andy Cohen thinks so too. Andy recently appeared on an Instagram Live with Austen and Pillow King Craig to talk about the show, Reality Blurb reports. And he joined some fans in bashing the clunky title. Austen began by saying, “Andy, the name of the show, did you actually see what it was called? What a ridiculously long, confounding name.”


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Andy, who usually keeps his opinions about the behind-the-scenes pretty vague, took a turn and joined Austen in the burn. “I never say anything publicly against Bravo but I actually saw the name and I’ve been meaning to call two people at Bravo to say, ‘What are you thinking?’ It’s aggressive… it’s not good,” Andy said. He added that despite the ridiculous title, he’s pumped to watch the show as all of us. Anything that puts Carl Radke on my TV screen more gets two thumbs up from me.


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Also on the Instagram Live, Andy also decided to question Austen about his recent meet-up with Madison, sparking rumors that they got back together. “Andy, where are you hearing this from? I am very single,” Austen said. The always fabulous Patricia Altschul also chimed in, saying that Austen and Madison are better in separate relationships. We know in Patricia’s eyes, Austen is not her Budweiser. “I think they’re good on their own. They’re toxic when they’re together, Patricia said. Understatement of the year. 


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