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Kathryn Dennis Breaks Down In Tears Over Custody Situation With Thomas Ravenel; Kathryn Says She’s Still Trying To “Believe In Good Days”

As we’re gearing up for the next season of Southern Charm, an old ghost is coming back to haunt us — the toxic relationship between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. Since Season 1, this relationship has plagued the show with its tumultuous ups and downs. But ever since two children have been in the mix, it breaks my heart every time I have to write about this mess.

To be clear, neither Thomas nor Kathryn are without their faults. Kathryn’s racism scandal, The allegations against Thomas, you name it. But it grosses me out the way Thomas feels so comfortable publicly bashing the mother of his children. Since the two officially split in 2016, their custody battle has been an absolute hellscape. And it’s clearly taken a toll on Kathryn based on her recent Instagram posts.

According to OK! MagazineKathryn broke down in tears on social media after posting a handful of photos of her kids on her Instagram Story. She captioned a cute photo of Kensie and Saint writing “Missing my babies” and “I try to keep from losing the rest of me”. The Sun reports she also shared other shots of her kids, writing “Still wanna try… to believe in good days”.

After sharing the photos of her kids, Kathryn posted a selfie with tears running down her face. She caption the shot, “But some days it be like that…” Kathryn’s previously been open about her feelings that she’s been “manipulated” by the legal system, so it’s not surprising that it takes an emotional toll on her. Back in March, Thomas won full custody of the kids after claiming that Kathryn was an unfit mother. They moved in with him full time. But The Sun spoke with a source that says Kathryn apparently has supervised visitation every other weekend with her two kids.


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Kathryn said that she tries to keep herself busy when she can’t be around her kids. “I started doing little projects like setting up Kensie’s dolls for her and telling them they had been playing while she was gone. Moving the Pokemon action figures and saying they were battling while they were gone,” Kathryn wrote on Instagram. Regardless of how you feel about the highly confusing situation, it is sad to hear of a mother who is clearly going through it. 

Aside from the never-ending custody battle, Kathryn has been trying to make a life with her boyfriend Chleb Ravenell. Whether or not that includes a spot on Southern Charm for Chleb is still to be determined.

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