Kathryn Dennis Lived In Thomas Ravenel’s Guest House Earlier This Year; Thomas Allegedly Appears In Southern Charm Season 7 Premiere

Season 7 of Southern Charm is about to hit our television screens, after a long delay. On one hand, you can blame the pandemic for the hiccup in filming. On the other hand, you can blame Kathryn Dennis for starting a rumor that caused half the cast to quit. That Kathryn, she works hard for the money…

Most of Kathryn’s legacy consists of her tumultuous liaison with Southern Charm alum, Thomas Ravenel. Their on/off relationship is still fresh in the mind of fans. So is the vitriolic custody battle over their children. The mutual mudslinging. The accusations from both parties about drug and alcohol abuse. It seemed like there was no coming back from the harsh words exchanged between the former couple. Well, things change and people are stupid evolve. In an odd twist of fate, Kathryn found herself living with T-Rav once again, and cameras were there to capture it all.

T-Rav’s life was a heavily featured portion of Southern Charm, until he was arrested for a sexual harassment charge and #firedbybravo. He has since fathered another child with a now ex-girlfriend, who he may or may not be marrying. And if that doesn’t confuse the hell out of you, maybe this will.

According to Us Weekly, Kathryn and the kids shacked up with Thomas again. Thomas even found himself consorting with Bravo production, who he previously accused of supplying Kathryn with drugs. But this new arrangement wasn’t for love, it was for attention home improvement.


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Thomas shared, “I just let them film a little segment with the kids as a favor to Kathryn.” I always find it endearing when you allow your ex to live in your guest room while your other ex is cooking your latest kid.

Lucky for viewers, Thomas ALLEGEDLY appears in the first episode of the season. That said, he does not believe the network will be using the footage because he sued them. He said, “I wasn’t paid. At the time, she [Kathryn] was staying at my house in the guest room because her house was being painted and was unsafe for her and the kids.”


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I guess Kathryn was unable to stay with friends because she lost all of them by circulating rumors. Maybe a hotel or Air BnB were too expensive. Obviously the best choice is to stay with someone who outed your abortion and accused you of being a horrible mother. Not to mention saying you had casual sex with random people for custody points. Thankfully it seems perhaps Thomas and Kathryn have resolved all of their issues. In November 2019, Kathryn said they “have a great co-parenting relationship. It’s good for him, it’s good for me.”

We’ve come full circle, everybody. We’ll have to wait and see if Thomas actually shows up in the premier. Quite frankly, Craig Conover’s pillow collection sounds infinitely more interesting. But it’s nice to know that Kathryn and T-Rav finally did the one thing everyone was waiting for, put their personal conflicts aside and play nice for the cameras children.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]