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Kathryn Dennis Moves In With Boyfriend Chleb Ravenell After Losing Unsupervised Custody Of Children She Shares With Ex Thomas Ravenel

Kathryn Dennis is back in the news. But, this time it has nothing to do with a battle over her children or sending ignorant texts and not knowing what they mean. Last season, the Southern Charm star faced accusations of racism and falling off the wagon. She has maneuvered numerous allegations during her tenure on the show, but most can be traced back to her own questionable decisions. Kathryn has never walked the path of least resistance, instead heading straight into conflict.

Kathryn’s troubles seemingly started when she decided to have relations with Thomas Ravenel. Thomas has a sketchy past and trouble tends to follow him like a puppy, but Kathryn wasn’t deterred. One child lead to two and a passionate love affair ended amid jealousy and harsh mudslinging. Both parties have moved onto other relationships. And T-Rav even added a new baby into the mix. While Thomas finds himself engaged to his new baby mama, Kathryn is taking steps as well. Chleb Ravenell has been in the picture since the summer 2020. Their union has no signs of slowing down. Recently Kathryn revealed she and Chleb no longer just share a fondness for Fendi, now they share a whole apartment.

If I were a betting person, I might consider the odds of Kathryn announcing a pregnancy before summer ends. If we follow the reality television formula for drama, a new baby for Kathryn would be next on the list and obviously help any questions of a storyline. But I’m getting ahead of myself because first Kathryn and Chleb need to pick out a sofa. People gave Kathryn the side-eye when Chleb bounced into the picture. But, he seems to be hanging in there.

We have yet to see Kathryn and her boyfriend in tandem on Southern Charm. But, it appears there will be no way to avoid it next season. If there is a next season. But Bravo loves a trainwreck, so Southern Charm will most likely be back. While the rest of her cast members navigate their own hookups steps into adulthood, Kathryn and Chleb are headed right into domestic bliss. Hopefully. According to Kathryn’s Instagram, they have shacked up.


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On Friday, Kathryn and Chleb posed drenched in the natural light of a… condo? Yes, she and Chleb will now enjoy the benefits of sharing an electricity bill. She wrote, “So we got our first place together!” It’s safe to assume Chleb has been kept in a location free from television access to avoid seeing his true love in all her glory. Kathryn is clearly giddy with this new development. She added, “Let @thehomeedit and peel and stick projects begin #theonewheretheymoveintogether.”

It’s nice to see Kathryn isn’t shrouded in misery after losing unsupervised custody of her children with T-Rav. Thomas and Kathryn’s hot and cold relationship is currently more cold because Thomas has a fondness for litigation. While we don’t know exactly why Kathryn’s privileges were taken away, we do know it didn’t stop Kathryn from traveling with Chleb and enjoying life and numerous spray tans in general.


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If Thomas can overcome jail time, a cocaine conviction, accusations of sexual assault, and losing his seat in the South Carolina State Treasury, perhaps Kathryn can overcome her issues as well. In February, Kathryn said, “It’s very much an adult relationship, he [Chleb] and I — and we’ve definitely become much more of adults over the last year.” It’s about that time when Southern Charm would begin filming for the new season, coincidentally. Let the adulting begin.


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