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Bethenny Frankel Says She’s “Not Afraid” To Be Canceled After Fans Accuse Her Of Making Transphobic Statements

Oh, Bethenny Frankel. The Real Housewives of New York alum just can’t help but make comments about things she’s not involved in. I get that’s part of being an ex-reality star with a podcast to promote, but girl you’ve gotta give it a break. Just make some SkinnyGirl-branded snack in your cheater-brand toaster oven and MIND YOUR BUSINESS. That’s been working well for Sonja Morgan, so take the hint.

Bethenny’s latest drama has involved statements she made about transgender folks on her podcast. And as Page Six reports that fans on Twitter are NOT happy about it. Listening to the episode, Bethenny kicks off right away by talking about pronoun usage at her 11-year-old daughter’s school. She sounded frustrated (for some reason) that on a Zoom meeting with her school, every parent, every teacher, and every child made their pronouns known.

Bethenny says that her daughter understands pronoun usage just fine, as she said Bryn Hoppy says it’s common practice at school. But she still found a way to make it a problem. “My daughter didn’t even know what hers were,” Bethenny continued. “[She said], ‘I know what I am or what I think I am, but I have never said it out loud. It hasn’t come up for me.’ So she didn’t know.”

But that wasn’t even the worst part. Then, Bethenny decided to go into the “craziest year in camp history” while talking about parents that she knows who send their kids to summer camp. She pointed out that Bryn doesn’t attend summer camp, but somehow Bethenny came into all the “gossip” about it. And she blames the “pandemic or political correctness” for all the craziness, whatever that means.


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She told the story of an all-girls camp in the Hamptons. “A person with a penis, who identifies as being a girl, went to the camp and was in the bunk with the girls. And the girls saw her — because it’s her, because it’s a male anatomy but identifying as a woman — so the other girls saw a penis. They’re 9, 10 years old,” Bethenny said. Apparently, those parents of the kids in the camp weren’t happy. And she added that the “girl with a penis” was “making out with a lot of different girls at camp.”

And this story is relevant HOW? Like this sounds like a viral Facebook fake news post that’s gone too far. While it might be true, the fact that Bethenny is bringing this up on her podcast is NOT in support of other women, which always includes including trans women and girls. Wow, Bethenny, wow.

B then added that she isn’t sure whether or not she’d let her daughter bunk with a transgender child. “But she also hasn’t seen a penis. So, in a camp, she’d see girls parts so I think these conversations are also fluid,” Bethenny added. Girl, JUST LOG OFF. And in case you were wondering if Bethenny somehow was making a RHONY return, that ship has likely sailed. We already have Ramona Singer. We don’t need more bad behavior rewarded.


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Fans have been slamming Bethenny for her remarks, but she doesn’t seem to care, E! Online reports. First, she tweeted, “@PageSix says I’m transphobic so it must be true… or listen to @justbpodcast & decide for yourself. Gotta sell papers.” OK and how is selling papers any different from you PLUGGING YOUR PODCAST so people can listen to the same SPIEL that PAGE SIX wrote about??? I’m so not into the new Bethenny that just thinks it’s the coolest thing ever to not give a damn.

A fan responded to Bethenny’s tweet, telling her it’s time to learn and be humble. “Listen to the podcast. Then comment. I was absolutely not wrong. And I’m going to discuss this again this week. Thankfully I have a platform to clarify what the media loves to distort,” Bethenny responded. “Ps. I’m not afraid of cancelation so not afraid of charged discussions.” OK so her solution to this is to not apologize, not invite a transgender person or activist on her podcast to explain the situation, but record herself spewing MORE NONSENSE. OK got it. Just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page.


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