Bethenny Frankel Says Real Housewives Ruined Her “Credibility As An Entrepreneur And A Businessperson”

It’s undeniable that Bethenny Frankel is one of the biggest success stories to come out of the Real Housewives of New York, or any city for that matter. She started off the show peddling her SkinnyGirl products in grocery stores and now she’s a boss businesswoman doing a million things at once.

You have to give credit where credit is due — Bravo definitely has some responsibility in “making” B who she is today. The show gave her a platform. She commanded that platform in an intelligent way, but it was truly her RHONY performance that made her such a hit. From screaming at Kelly Bensimon at Scary Island to fighting with Ramona Singer on the Brooklyn Bridge, B’s iconic housewives scenes definitely didn’t hurt her various businesses.

But it appears that Bethenny totally forgot where she came from. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, she looked back on her time on RHONY with some regrets. “It pulls you back in a little, to be attacked to the Housewives,” she said. “It [hurts your] credibility as an entrepreneur and a businessperson. No matter how many Forbes covers you could be on or how many hundreds of millions of dollars you’ve raised worldwide in philanthropy.”

OK B, let’s take a few steps back. It’s no secret that Bethenny thought RHONY was “not enjoyable” and she’s vowed to never return. But she can’t completely wash her hands Bravo and Andy Cohen after they helped her get to where she is today. I bet her margarita sales wouldn’t have been so amazing in the early days if it were for Bravoholics seeing B crying into a bottle on screen and running to the liquor store to buy their own. Like Gizelle Bryant said, I miss the old days of Bethenny when she was humble and had better one-liners. But I guess she’s a comedian now, so I digress.


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And yes it’s true that Bethenny has done a lot of great charity work, but that doesn’t absolve her from being as petty as ever when it comes to housewives. She talks about her former RHONY cast every chance she gets. She dropped her engagement news on the same day the Season 13 trailer dropped, which seemed like more than just a coincidence. Not to mention time after time that she’s inserted her opinion on topics that don’t involve her whatsoever. Bethenny is a bit thirsty to make headlines post-RHONY days, but maybe that’s because she is a narcissist like Carole Radziwell says and only cares about her wallet. Her shady comments are likely why Dorinda Medley is the only HW she stays in contact with these days.

Later in the Marie Claire story, Bethenny talks about her new show coming to HBO Max, which she calls “the future” of TV while throwing more shade at Bravo. “The caliber of talent and quality is another level than I’ve experienced in my career,” she said. OK B, get off your high horse, please. It’s funny this news comes right after the Season 13 taglines for the RHONY ladies were revealed. Something tells me this is just another one of Bethenny’s carefully calculated “coincidences.” Oh well, RHONY is entering a new phase with some new faces, and Bethenny’s era is done for good. Maybe it’s better that way for everyone.


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