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Bethenny Frankel Argues With Donn Gunvalson Parody Account; Blocks Fake Donn

While the concept of angels on Earth are a mythical fantasy for some, others believe souls with the purest of hearts are incorporating themselves into the lives of everyday humans. It appears we may have found solid evidence one of these angels actually exists and it’s very possible a miracle has been witnessed. Our story begins when former star of Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel, launched a brand new wine.

Forever Young is not only a Rod Stewart song that might be used in a pharmaceutical commercial for erectile dysfunction, it is the name of Bethenny’s latest alcoholic offering. As you know, Bethenny is a sharp-witted, multiple-threat force in the business world. She is self-made and she’s not here for anyone’s crap. If you dish it out, Beth will take it, lightly grill it, and serve it back to you with a red wine reduction sauce. Now it seems perhaps Bethenny has met her match and this match takes an unlikely form. An angel, if you will, operating under the guise of the man, the legend, Donn Gunvalson.

Real Donn is the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Vicki Gunvalson. Viewers remember Donn trying to get through this thing called life whilst being subjected to countless lectures on why he isn’t enough and distant screaming about family vans. When Vicki and Donn divorced and he disappeared somewhere into the ether, he was reborn on Twitter, except now he’s a podcaster named Jordan Ross Meyers.

Over the years, Fake Donn gained popularity with the snarky kids. The account name-spelling is exact to real-life Donn, yet it holds no verified blue check and the description plainly reads, “The parody life.” Unfortunately, some people don’t think before they react and it’s in those rare moments of vulnerability that regular folks like us get a chance at seeing one of those miracles.


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After Beth announced her amazing new collection of drinkable mistakes, Fake Donn got in on it because he was taking direction straight from the heavens above. Thanks to Jesus, Dolly Parton, and Instagram account bravosnarkside, we have the screenshots. The drama innocently began when Fake Donn, in an effort to help, posted an existing line of wines already called Forever Young. See, Fake Donn probably knew of Bethenny’s sensitivity with “cheater brands“. Like I said, ANGEL.

Instead of thanking Fake Donn for bringing this oversight to her attention, she blocked him on Twitter. And Beth being Beth, crowed about it. Thankfully, a fan delivered the devastating news that Bethenny had just yelled at a parody account. Time to repent! Bethenny wrote, “Glass half full- that’s the story. But these clowns live in someone else’s identity? What a loser… that tweet of mine was from a parody account also.” Awwww Bethie, are you regular mad or big mad?


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Bethenny also wrote, “Not for nothing, why would someone choose him as a fake account? I want to be fake Kate Beckinsale. If you’re going to cheat, cheat up.” You know what, I’ll go ahead and say she’s officially big mad. Someone get Fake Donn a halo, STAT. This made his damn day. Naturally he jumped back in the pool and responded, though now blocked from Beth, “If I was Bethenny, I would be obsessed with me too.”

Along with trying to beat Fake Donn at his own game, Bethenny included (and deleted) other tweets meant to distract you from the fact that Big Boss Beth was owned by an account dedicated to the art of sarcasm. Bethenny probably learned a valuable lesson and will go forth checking an account’s bio before trying to humiliate them. As for us mere mortals, we were blessed with Fake Donn who leaves Bethenny with this scripture, “If you’re going to take a shot at this D, you better not miss.” And the congregation said, AMEN.


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