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Crystal Kung Minkoff Says She Speaks Up About Erika Jayne More At The Reunion Than She Did During The Season

Get your months worth of popcorn ready, we’re about to embark on a four part reunion journey. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale is set to air on October 16th, and then, it’s on. Andy Cohen has already teased the reunion saying pariah Erika Jayne “answers everything.” But let’s not hold our breath. When it comes to EJ it’s all about quality over quantity of responses. Allegedly.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight freshman Housewife Crystal Kung Minkoff revealed that she was “was really, really nervous” about heading to her first reunion taping. She added, “But I watched every episode back.”

Crystal’s main storyline this season peaked early. She found herself in some comparatively light drama with Sutton Stracke over a did-she-didn’t-she knock on the door situation. Sutton went to deliver Crystal a jacket, she didn’t knock appropriately, Crystal was nude, and Sutton awkwardly exited the room. This lent itself to Crystal calling Sutton awkward and weird and Sutton calling Crystal’s leather pants ugly. And so it goes.

“When I went in I was like, ‘I have to rehash it.’ I have different feelings about it now, which is normal, and it was important for me to share that, because I got really quiet because I was sort of traumatized by the whole thing [in the moment],”  Crystal shared of season 11. “But then when you have time and space from it you feel more grounded it’s easier to talk about.” I can’t wait to rehash the Sutton/Crystal drama. No really. I’m curious what re-watching with time to reflect has provided these two.


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Crystal also shared it took at least “10 hours” to film the reunion. “It was long, we went past wrap time,” she said. With regards to Erika Jayne’s legal issues Crystal revealed, “I definitely speak up more in the reunion than I do on the show…But again, it’s all revealing itself in real time even today. It’s not resolved, nothing has been resolved so we’re still asking questions from the past and in the moment.”

“There’s a lot of explosive moments,” Crystal continued, “Yeah, it was intense,” Crystal encouraged fans to keep a look out for her facial expressions. She says she was shocked.

“I will say that many questions are asked, many are answered, some are not for whatever reasons. But I don’t think that there was a stone unturned in terms of questions being asked,” Crystal teased. “I think everyone got the questions out that they wanted, Andy certainly asked a lot. I think people are going to be satisfied with the reunion.” I’m cautiously optimistic.


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