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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cast Reacts To Claims Lisa Vanderpump Leaked PuppyGate Story

If there is one storyline that will go down in the housewives history books for eliciting to largest collective groan from fans, it’s PuppyGate. Truly. That season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was hard to watch and even now, I have to roll my eyes at the absurdity of it all. Episode after episode, we watched the cast chip away at Lisa Vanderpump’s denial of leaking PuppyGate to the press. Despite the story actually being 100% true, it was the press leak that really did her in. And somehow, Dorit Kemsley, the patron saint of giving dogs to kill shelters, managed to be the victim in all this.

The debacle caused LVP’s shocking exit from the show. So shocking, she didn’t even show up at the reunion to defend herself. Fans were pissed. On both sides. And LVP maintained her innocence. But now, her innocence isn’t looking so solid. In the new housewives tell-all book, Not All Diamonds and Rose: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives From the People Who Lived It by author Dave Quinn, RHOBH producer Chris Cullen finally gave us the tea. According to Chris, LVP did leak the story to the press after all.

Naturally, LVP’s former castmates immediately took to social media to claim vindication gloat about the revelation. As reported by Reality Blurb!, Kyle Richards shared pictures to her Instagram of LVP during their iconic showdown, where LVP called Kyle a “liar”. She captioned the photos “Well shucks” and “Welp!” She also hashtagged “flashback Tuesday” which I can assure you is not a thing, but whatever. In her next post, she shared a message from a fan page stating that Kyle, Dorit and Lisa Rinna saying “you are all vindicated.” Kyle included the song “White Liar” as an extra touch.

For her part, Rinna wasted no time adding a blurb of the producer sharing, “When [Lisa Vanderpump] lost the narrative in the show, and she realized that it wasn’t going the way she wanted, that’s when she leaked the story to the press.” Rinna captioned, “Oooh the truth always comes out.” Then she added another slide of herself sipping a drink and flipping off a camera.


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One fan shared the same info to their Instagram stories ands said that everyone “owes [Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave] an apology for scapegoating her for this.” Of course Teddi reshared the post and added, “lol. Just opened my DM’s. The apologies are coming in hot. And by hot, I mean I got like [seven] of them.” Finally, Dorit shared a fan page’s post of the LVP story with the caption, “We know this but she can’t deny it now.” Wow, seven whole apologies you say?

Sigh. Did we see this coming? Yes. I’m a little shocked it took this long but here we are. I think that most fans had an inkling of LVP leaking stories to the press but just didn’t care. After all, Dorit was wrong for what she did. And we needed a storyline for the season. But the reactions from Kyle, Rinna, Dorit and Teddi are beyond immature. Sure, you were proven right. But aren’t you adult enough to skip digging up old photos of LVP and adding silly songs to get your point across. This is some angsty teenager behavior.

One way or another, the truth does find a way of coming to light. I just wish it wasn’t the Fox Force Five that is benefitting so greatly from it. Really, I would love for everyone to move on from PuppyGate. It’s time.


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[Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo]