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Season 9 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is quickly going to the dogs. And if you’re keeping score, it’s Lisa Vanderpump, the queen of Vanderpump Rules and sometimes MVP of the 90210, and Lucy versus everyone else so far. Lucy made her TV debut during the RHOBH premiere episode. Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK Kemsley adopted her. Unfortunately, Lucy ended up back in a shelter before being rescued again by Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

#DogGate is a scandal that Dorit and PK would have preferred to keep private. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Kyle Richards were dragged into #DogGate in the season’s opener when the ladies visited the adoption center and heard about Lucy’s ordeal from Lisa. Teddi subsequently admitted in a confessional that she already knew about Lucy’s ordeal courtesy of a Vanderpump Dog Foundation employee.

Viewers know this dog drama is only the tip of the iceberg. During the RHOBHpremiere we caught a glimpse of Kyle fighting with Ken and being thrown out of Villa Rosa!  Then during a recent Watch What Happens Live After Show,  Kyle revealed that she had not spoken to Lisa or Ken since that incident.

As expected, Lisa is unhappy with the way #DogGate is playing out.  In an interview with HollywoodLife, Lisa said, “I’m fed up with being the target of these women. This is the fourth season I’ve been a target, and like, talk about your own s**t that’s going on. It’s in the press.”

What sh*t could she be referring to? Dorit and PK failed to pay a $5,000 fine related to Lucy’s return to Vanderpump Dogs. Oh, and the couple is embroiled in several multimillion-dollar lawsuits.  These debts bring new meaning to Dorit’s Season 8 tagline: “I may believe in an excess of everything…except moderation.”

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She went on to say,  “Well, to me dogs are people. You know, they really are people. You know, I don’t want to blame—it’s been very complicated, you know, the whole situation.”

Lisa insisted, “I live my life with integrity and that’s why I have the same people working for me for years and years. I’m not somebody that’s not compassionate, I look after a lot of my staff like they’re my own. I’m proud to say, you know, even my household staff have lived in my house, and been with me for 12 years.”

The moral of this story? Do not mess with Lisa’s dogs if you don’t want to end up in the dog house yourself.

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