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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Ashley (Tries To) Get Her Groove Back

This trip needs to come to an end ASAP. I love The Real Housewives of Potomac, but COME ON. Give us a break. They’ve stretched this trip out for way too long. Let’s get back to Potomac and return to peak time with this group. This couple’s trip has reached its expiration date. Time to move on.

The dinner planned by Wendy Osefo looks fabulous. Any shortcomings she was having as a host prior to this are long forgotten. This crab broil is to die for. Delicious!

Ashley Darby asks Eddie Osefo if he’s in a better place with his mother, and there has! The door’s finally cracked open, so hopefully they can come to a good place. His extended family has missed so many precious milestones already. They can’t make up for lost time, but they can build new memories together. This could be powerful.

Gordon Thornton returns to the dinner table and openly expresses his disdain for being on the trip. He’s forever saying stupid shit that’s embarrassing. If I was Mia, I would run for the hills. I smell divorce in the future for this couple.

Things aren’t smoothed over between Gordon & Ashley. He seems to have no idea what she’s talking about when the bus incident is discussed. Ashley asks if he has amnesia and then asks if he has Alzheimer’s. Welp. Ashley’s going to get a lot of heat for that one. She didn’t mean it that way, but it comes across ageist.

Gordon’s demeanor toward everyone on this vacation has been deplorable. Mia’s probably cringing inside every time her husband opens his mouth. It’s becoming a pattern.

Robyn Dixon Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Mia Thornton freaks out on Ashley after hearing her bring up Alzheimer’s. She’s not ageist. She was making a valid observation based on the facts presented in front of her. It’s that simple.

In the midst of all of the chaos, Wendy’s helping Karen Huger get inside of a cake. She’s going to jump out of a cake to surprise Ray Huger. The things the Grand Dame does to reignite the spark in her marriage.

Mia asks Ashley where her husband is, and she says “at home with our children”. Mia’s first comment back was “are you sure?” SHOTS FIRED. We all know Michael Darby has a history of straying whenever Ashley’s away on these trips. It’s a valid question to ask. It’s also weird they’ve been filming this long and Mia’s never met Michael. Why is she constantly keeping him away from the group? If it’s that awkward, it should say something about your marriage.

Karen popping out of the cake was so underwhelming, but thankfully she wasn’t naked. She’s a beautiful woman, but Karen being nude in front of Gordon could be a problem. Gordon is a problem. That man is going to be the new Michael and full of scandals. You heard it hear first.

Robyn Dixon’s still not wanting to communicate with Wendy. She finds her to be a terrible hostess, and there’s nothing left to say. For some reason their issue seems much more serious than Wendy’s with Gizelle Bryant. It’s probbaly because Robyn & Wendy seemingly had a genuine friendship prior to this hiccup. It’d be nice to see them get back to a good place because Robyn needs better friends than Gizelle.

Mia Thornton Real Housewives Of Potomac

Back in Potomac, everyone gets an invitation in the mail from Karen. She’s hoping the vow renewal will touch their hearts. It’s creepy because Karen wants to everyone to open it outside.

WHY ARE THERE BUTTERFLIES IN THE INVITATION? How’d they not die? Could they breathe? I have real questions. Wait. Update. Some of them are dead. Well that’s depressing. Hopefully it’s not a symbol for what’s to come in Karen’s marriage.

After coming back from the trip, Mia & Gordon tried to have a staycation. Mia’s mother was far too overwhelmed and got into it with Gordon. Unfortunately, Mia ended up having to get the children because it was too much for her mom. Honestly, they kind of put a lot on her mother so soon after patching the relationship. Ease into it.

All of the kids are wondering what’s wrong with their grandmother. She’s storming away, and that’s not good with her history. It’s understandable why this would trigger Mia’s childhood trauma. This is exactly how it used to be while she was growing up. This is an unfortunate cycle that keeps repeating itself.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Nobody drags Gizelle harder than her own children. They read her so effortlessly. It’s a thing of art to watch. None of them even break a sweat when they drag her to filth.

Gizelle’s trying to give her children relationship advice because she doesn’t want them to be like her. However, it’s hard for them to have anyone to look up to. Look who their mother and father are. They’re not exactly the poster children of how to have a successful and healthy relationship.

As a result of their own personal failures, it’s not shocking to hear their kids have no idea how to act. They don’t see their mother in relationships after their marriage. It’s a lot for Gizelle to digest, but this is the reality.

They find Gizelle to be a vampire who has no feelings. She’s so guarded when it comes to her own feelings and personal life. She’s always trying to get everyone to open up about theirs, but she gives us nothing. That has to change or her daughters will continue to feel like this.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley’s no longer in her little bubble of peace. The fights with Candiace Dillard Bassett & Mia on the trip shattered everything. A part of her still worries about falling back into the postpartum depression head space. However, things seem a lot better than time in comparison to how it was after baby Dean.

Despite offering sexual intimacy to Michael, he keeps turning Ashley down. He’s telling her he doesn’t have the capacity for it at this time. That’s odd. We’ve seen the opposite from Michael in the past. Given his history, it’s easy to question if he’s being honest with Ashley. It’s hard to believe anything he’s saying.

The last time Michael cheated, it was around this amount of time after having the baby. A part of Ashley has to be paranoid that history could be repeating itself. It’s not out of the question when it comes to Michael.

Wendy’s going full steam ahead with her home essentials line. However, she does NOT deserve the credit for this. Eddie doing all of the heavy lifting to make her “dream” into a reality.

I don’t want to trash Wendy’s “dream”, but it seems so fake and out of left field. She came into this second season trying to be an entirely different person to cater to what she thinks a Real Housewife should be. Everything feels forced and unnatural with her this year.

Wendy gets into it with her mother because she feels she was held back to make her mother happy. She wasn’t able to chase her dreams because she needed to become what her mom wanted. She’s starting to come into her own, but it sucks that it’s this late into her life. I guess candles are what she always wanted.

Wendy’s mother storms out of the home essentials photo shoot after being told she never said “I’m sorry”. Hopefully this doesn’t negatively impact their relationship moving forward. Wendy needs a mother that’s prepared to listen to hear instead of being closed off.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

I’m concerned about my eyes after seeing Ashley check into a hotel. I better not see some awkward porn type of scene with Ashley & Michael. I’m trying to keep down these chocolate chip cookies my grandmother baked for me. This romantic getaway better not come at the expense of my vision and appetite.

Ashley shares with Michael that Chris Bassett hopes to move forward with them. He wants to bury the hatchet with them and start anew. Michael’s going on about how he’d rather spend time with Juan Dixon instead of Chris. It’s so uncomfortable watching Michael salivate over Juan. I feel like Michael loves Juan more than Robyn does.

Bravo needs to never make me watch Ashley crawl all over a blindfolded Michael. EVER. Never again do I deserve to witness anything like that.

Gizelle meets with her therapist to discuss the ongoing issues with her three daughters. Hearing their comments about Gizelle not being in healthy relationships really got to her. She’s standing by the fact that the pandemic is what split up her and Jamal Bryant. I’m choosing to believe her because it’s exhausting to question if he only lived in her phone for the show.

Gizelle’s aware she’s not sending positive messages to her children. It’s a lot worse than she thought because they sound like they’re almost hopeless about relationships. Not only that, but they find Gizelle to be cold and unfeeling. That’s not something that’s easy to hear coming from your own kids.


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