Bethenny Frankel Calls Out Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills For Not Being Honest; Claims They Thought Erika Jayne Was “Boring” And Didn’t Want Her On Show

Bethenny Frankel sure has a lot to say lately. And it’s been ruffling a lot of feathers. Thanks to her podcast, “Just Be with Bethenny Frankel,” she has carte blanche to go off about a variety of topics. Some of those get her into hot water, and some are just damn good juicy gossip. Like her recent comments on embroiled Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne.

Bethenny already called out Erika, saying that she was only on RHOBH because she needs the money. Now, B is giving even more tea about her time spent with Erika on a RHOBH and Real Housewives of New York crossover episode a few years ago. To recap: Bethenny and Kyle Richards had been friends for years (at the time of filming). And while on a cast trip to New York City, Kyle took her RHOBH castmates to Bethenny’s house in the Hamptons. Which included new castmate Erika. But according to B, the ladies of RHOBH were being shady about Erika from the beginning.

Twitter account Housewives Historian shared the clip from B’s podcast where she dished, “On the other end of the spectrum is the Beverly Hills housewives. I’ve been in a crossover episode. In that episode, when Erika came over to my house, they were all sending me things ahead of time she was in. Sending me sexy videos that she was in.” B continued, “They were telling me about her, rolling their eyes. That wasn’t the caliber of person they wanted for Beverly Hills. They also thought she was boring.”

She went on, “They brought her over to my house and they didn’t say a single thing to her face. They wanted me to be the person who said what they were thinking. And I understood why the producers wanted that as well. They tip toe the most. The Beverly Hills housewives are terrified to say what they really feel. They have to say what’s politically correct and what will not be taken, you know, wrong. They are the most calculated in that regard.”


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So not only were the RHOBH cast against Erika being on the show, but they were talking behind her back to B before she even stepped foot in her house. Messy messy, although not surprising.

But Bethenny, being the housewife that she was, knew the assignment and was happy to ask Erika all about her “sexy videos” and Erika Jayne persona. All while the RHOBH cast claimed they didn’t have a problem with it. Hell, Lisa Rinna, Queen of Not Owning It, even praised Erika at the time.

Again, none of this is really surprising given how cutthroat the cast of RHOBH is. But it’s nice to hear a reliable source finally calling them all out on their BS. I wonder how many f**ks Erika gives about this one.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]