Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion Part Three Recap: What Did Erika Jayne Know?

The moment is finally here folks. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills epic four part reunion is concluding. This is our last chance to hear the final juicy details of Erika Jayne’s life that’s gone up in flames. Brace yourselves.

None of the women think Erika knew anything which is somewhat surprising. The way Sutton Stracke was investigating throughout the season, it seemed like she thought otherwise. What’s causing her to change her tune?

Erika bites Crystal Kung Minkoff’s head off after she asks why she’s not angrier at Tom Girardi. She’s saying that to Erika the exorcist. Remember that. It’s not shocking. Erika’s actually showing more anger toward Crystal and the women than she is her alleged crook of a husband.

Andy Cohen wants to know why Erika’s biting their heads off, but Erika’s so defensive. She thinks she’s showing the appropriate reaction to women possibly out to get her.  However, the questions they are asking are normal. They are on a show with her and tied into all of her pretty mess of a life.

Whenever the women try to express themselves to Erika, she chews them up in a fit of rage. That’s why they’re talking behind her back. It’s the only way to work through their thoughts and feelings.

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika’s still upset about Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards, and their spouses mocking the state of her life. Kyle tries to apologize because she cannot control Maurico Umansky which gives Erika the perfect setup.

The women close to Erika never believed the divorce was a sham. That didn’t shock them in the way the alleged crimes that followed did. A big issue here is everyone’s inability to address Erika directly because she fled when the article came out. Did she get a heads up? She denies it, but the timing remains suspect.

Erika believes she should’ve been present for the meeting at Dorit’s house. Including her in the conversation would’ve resulted in nothing being accomplished. She would’ve flipped her shit on all of the women and possibly make things a lot worse. That’s what you weren’t included Erika. Get your rage in check, and maybe you’ll be invited to the next gossip session.

Kyle & Andy reveal they heard tea from someone many years ago about Tom’s financial issues. We all know by now that they’re referring to Bethenny Frankel on this one. Can you imagine Bethenny telling them she has some tea, and she’s just like, “it’s about Tom.”

Erika says the amount of money she makes on the show is how she’s paying for everything. That’s fair I guess. Erika also denies purposely not wearing waterproof mascara in the scene with Kyle. Why didn’t she wear it? She doesn’t have a real answer that makes sense which is par for the course with her.

Erika admits she’s spoken to Tom since being moved to an assisted living facility. That’s big. I’m almost surprised she’s openly admitting having contact with him. Given how upset she got with Garcelle Beauvais regarding Tom calling her, it’s weird she’d speak to him. Since going into the facility, Tom still calls.

Andy asks Erika if she asked Tom if he did it, and she’s making it all about herself.  What about the real victims in this case? Yes. It sucks for Erika. We get that. However, she has the means to support herself still. Burn victims, widows, and orphans aren’t as lucky and as fortunate as Erika. She’s still living a luxurious life.

Erika tells Andy that Tom doesn’t acknowledge anything. None of it. When pressed, Erika’s not getting anything out of Tom. I have a feeling the truth about these allegations are going to die with that man. Mark my words. We will NEVER know the truth because nobody wants to be fully transparent.

Erika’s denying any accusations that 20 million dollars was transferred into her company. The money being reported on her AMEX card is over the course of 12 years. Her reaction to anyone thinking that money was from the alleged crimes went to her is that it’s not the truth. Honestly, if it’s true, there are so many people who could’ve been getting money from him that could be in trouble. This entire thing is a tangled mess of lies.

Nobody in the group had heard any rumors about possible corruption on behalf of Tom. Not one iota of this. Erika says if she knew anything about Tom’s alleged wrongdoings, she would’ve never signed up for this show. You can’t hide when you’re on reality TV. They’re going to show everything because it’s the nature of the beast. That’s what you signed up for. Your life is under a giant microscope. There’s no escaping the truth because there are cameras everywhere.

Lisa Rinna Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Everyone believing the article about Erika really surprised her because she’s worked hard to be honest. Has she? There’s still so much we don’t know. There’s a severe lack of self awareness of the ice queen that’s overstayed her welcome on this show.

Garcelle calls out Lisa Rinna for pushing Sutton to go against her good friend Erika. Well, Rinna admits she gave Erika a heads up about everyone gossiping about her behind her back. She went hard after Yolanda Hadid, Kim Richards, & Denise Richards, yet Erika’s life is where she draws the line? Fuck that noise. I’m beyond over Lisa Rinna.

Erika refuses to apologize to Sutton after the threats she dished out at Kathy Hilton’s place. Andy rolls his eyes when Erika tries to talk her way out of threatening Sutton. She makes it seem like she won’t have Sutton’s back in the future when she’s in a scandal herself.

Garcelle regrets not stopping Erika’s tirade that night. She wishes she would’ve done something to deescalate everything. Erika said Sutton was acting like a “bitchy fucking cunt”. What can you say to that? This isn’t a middle school playground. Erika needs a reality check and to grow the f**k up because this is childish.

Sutton refuses to agree with Erika that she’s not a liar. From her perspective there have been so many instances of Erika being a liar. Look at the vacation they went on. Erika pretended to be her friend. Erika was putting on a performance for Sutton to “play her ass”. If she can lie about something so small, what else is she keeping from everyone?

Rinna gets put in the hot seat for her past meddling in the lives of Yolanda, Kim, & Denise. She claims to feel horrible about what happened with Yolanda. She doesn’t like how things went down with Kim or Denise either. Does she actually feel bad, or is it just damage control? I say she’s full of it. She does whatever she can to stir the pot. I’ll never believe she feels horrible and loses sleep over any of it.

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Andy brings up how everyone came after Lisa Vanderpump about the dog, but there’s a difference. However, that was light and over a puppy. Erika’s dealing with hard and heavy things about her life and she stayed the course. They are not the same because one of them was able to stay in the hot seat without running away like a coward.

Andy calls Erika a piece of work and won’t stop smiling at her. GOLD! Erika has to understand how wild all of this is for everyone to take in. She explains the details of the story about Tom’s car accident, and it makes a little more sense. He called her in the morning after the accident, and the call got disconnected. It was after that where she found him.

Erika refuses to get into why it was snowing where her son was when he flipped his car. Uh okay. Thank you for giving us absolutely nothing. Erika tells Andy she her best way to help the victims is to cooperate in court and do what she has to do. I guess that’s something because we’re never going to get more than that out of this woman, so it is what it is.


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