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Heather Thomson Slams Real Housewives Of New York As “Fake”; Says She’s Done Talking About The Show

Heather Thomson spent only three seasons on Real Housewives of New York. Long enough to make an impression on fans, but not enough of a contribution to remain relevant all these years later. She was going to make a comeback as a “friend of” last season, but drama with Leah McSweeney ended that. Heather was only present for a few tumultuous episodes before she was gone. Honestly, Heather or no Heather, nothing could have saved last season anyway. So it’s probably in Heather’s best interest to not be associated with that mess.

But Heather can’t seem to keep quiet about it. As reported by Page Six, Heather had plenty to say in an interview with The Post. And it wasn’t pretty. According to Heather, she “has reached the end of the road with ‘The Real Housewives of New York.’” Heather explained, “I went to the show because [producers say they] want to empower women, but at the end of the day they actually do the total reverse of that. They’re showing women behaving badly, and at each other’s throats.”

Heather claims that she can no longer be a part of the “machine” that fosters this kind of behavior. And alleges that she scenes on RHONY are fake. She also noted that producers roped her into another season by saying they would bring in a different caliber of cast member. Heather recalled, “They told me, ‘We really want true New Yorkers. People who are running businesses. Really, you know, moving and shaking. And we want to raise the bar.’ Who doesn’t want to get involved in raising a bar?”

She continued, “I believed in myself. I’m like, ‘I’m not going to embarrass myself on TV. I’m not going to do those things.’ But I didn’t think about the editing. I didn’t think further into: Why [does Bravo] want this show? Is it because they really want to show nurturing female relationships or do they want click bait and shock value?”


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One of the scenes that Heather was upset over for being “fake” was Sonja Morgan’s engagement to Harry Dubin. This took place in season 12 of the show. While Heather was comforting Luann de Lesseps over a breakup, Harry proposed to Sonja. Said Heather, “It was completely staged and totally fake. It was a ring that Ramona [Singer] was wearing. And she took it off and gave it to Harry to pretend that it was his … it was oneupmanship.” Heather added of the incident, “That was more important to the show … [than Luann’s heartbreak]. And I was incensed by it. The authenticity is missing. The women were self-producing, and many storylines were forced and contrived. Fake storylines with a ring that was pulled off of somebody’s finger two seconds before. Borrowed to make this fake engagement.”

Once Heather had some time away from the show and was invited back last season, she saw it as a new opportunity. She claimed, “I went back saying, ‘No judgment. I want to have a clean slate.’ But I’m the one that’s the fool.” And she only lasted one weekend. Heather revealed, “There was some [camaraderie] when I [first joined the cast]. And when I came back … there was no camaraderie. It was …. everybody out for themselves. I only filmed for one weekend. It was at Ramona’s house in the Hamptons. They put me in the basement. I was by myself and I was ambushed … They held me in the car for two hours while the other women got dressed and ready for the party.”


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Heather said the storyline “about me and my [‘In My Heart’] podcast. That I had talked behind the women’s back or something like that, which was just completely untrue.”

As for what’s next, Heather is ready to move on. She claims that this will be her final interview about RHONY. “After this, I will never talk about ‘Housewives’ again, period. That chapter is closed in my life — everybody knows what they need to know and I’m moving on. Good luck and goodbye.”


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