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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Meredith Marks Says Cameron Williams May Not Be A Reliable Source Of Information Regarding Cult Accusations Against Mary Cosby

Mary Cosby’s participation on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City went from random clips of her rummaging in her closet, to full on center stage of the conflict, out-shined only by nemesis Jen Shah’s arrest on camera.  It’s as if being off the hook for the entirety of Season One now has to be recompensed.  Mocking her marriage to her step-grandfather gets old quickly on reality TV.

Season Two brings hefty accusations about the goings-on at her church. Indeed, these are serious rumors that were brought to light by a former member of Mary’s congregation.  Cameron Williams was also friends with Lisa Barlow and attended one of her filmed events.  While speaking with RHOSLC costar Meredith Marks, Cameron gave a stern warning about Mary and her alleged persona as a cult leader.  The conversation soon spread within the group, and the accusations were presented to Mary during a cast trip to Vail, Colorado.

Whitney Rose and Heather Gay jumped to believe the rumors, while a skeptical Meredith suggested that more evidence was needed. And she still maintains that stance.  On a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Meredith confirmed that she has yet to be convinced.

“How has your opinion of Mary changed after hearing what Whitney and Lisa had to say about her?” host Andy Cohen asked Meredith in a recent episode .


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Meredith responded, “you know, I have a problem with all that’s going on because I’m being told all these cryptic things and no one’s giving me a lot of fact.  And the only thing that’s coming from fact is really coming from Cameron, who I met once, who I don’t know well.  Or did not know well.”

What was not divulged during filming RHOSLC was that Cameron was ill, and Meredith suggested that his mental clarity could have been impacted by his illness.

“You know, unfortunately he passed away,” Meredith revealed, “and he was ill, and he did have a condition that could impair his perception of reality, I’m not saying he was.  I don’t know.  And I don’t know him, so I can’t give too much to it.”

Regardless of Cameron’s mental state, Meredith did cite her unfortunate history with Jen as the reason she was so wary of rumors.  And in the absence of any facts presented, accusations against Mary remain unfounded.


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