Crystal Kung Minkoff Admits She’s “Struggling With” Eating Disorder & Body Image

Crystal Kung Minkoff chose one hell of a season to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As the first Asian housewife of the franchise, she made history. Unfortunately, so much of her time was overshadowed by all the Erika Jayne drama. So we didn’t get that much of a chance to see her housewife chops. Aside from a multi-episode fight with costar Sutton Stracke, Crystal mostly remained out of the drama. And it looks like Crystal and Sutton are friends now so hopefully, they will be allies next season.

What Crystal did get to reveal about herself was when she very openly admitted to her castmates and viewers that she struggled from an eating disorder. There is so much stigma there is surrounding eating disorders, and the pressure from the public to look your best. So it was brave and honest and I think we can all appreciate her being so vulnerable.

But Crystal is now revealing that she still struggles. On a recent Instagram post, Crystal shared, “Even though it may seem like someone’s life is seemingly put together, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going through something painful.”


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She continued, “This week, I’ve been really struggling with my ED and body image. Eating disorders can be tricky because they make you feel like you’re in complete control when in reality you’re spiraling out of it. I’m sharing this because I want any of you who are suffering as well to know you have my support. Recovery isn’t linear, it’s a process of learning, growing and healing. Some days can feel like a little bump in the road and others like an Everest. Honor your strength. Honor your journey.”

Crystal received an outpouring of support in her comments. Cast member Dorit Kemsley commented with three heart emojis. One fan wrote, “Love you, Crystal! Thank you for being so open and real on your platform. You are touching so many lives with your candidness. Sending so much love and comfort.” Another one added, “Thank you so much for your vulnerability! It means more than you could possibly know!”


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Regardless of what you think of Crystal as a housewife, I think we can all appreciate her being so open about something so personal. Which as we know, can be really hard for housewives. Despite her current struggle, I’m glad that Crystal can be open about it so she can get the love and support she needs.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]