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Crystal Kung Minkoff Initially Didn’t Want To Join Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Because She Was Scared She’d Be Ridiculed For Her Looks

Crystal Kung Minkoff is right in the middle of her first season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And while most of the drama has revolved around castmate Erika Jayne, Crystal has still had her movements. Most notably with costar Sutton Stracke.

The two butted heads for episodes on end about Sutton busting in Crystal’s room during a girls trip. While many defended Sutton, arguing that it was “innocent”, Crystal didn’t feel that way. And her choice of using the word “violation” only caused more drama, with none of the women siding with her. But Crystal stood her ground against the women.

But Crystal opened herself up and admitted to even deeper issues, including an eating disorder. It was an honest and raw moment, one you rarely see out of a freshman housewife. Now Crystal is opening up even more about her insecurities and how it almost prevented her from being on the show.

On a recent episode of the podcast Andy’s Girls, Crystal admitted she was scared she would be ridiculed. She said, “Probably the biggest reason that I [initially] didn’t want to do the show was being ridiculed about my looks, which literally makes me cry.”

Crystal continued, “It’s like a minute to minute pain for me. Just sitting here in my physical body, I’m always uncomfortable. I was just always constantly scared of it. I will say that I haven’t really gotten any negative about it. Rob [Minkoff]’s like ‘See.’ And I’m like it doesn’t really matter actually. I don’t need that validation.” This is so sad. And just goes to show you that no matter how beautiful you are, you can have insecurities.


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She revealed, “I think the most amazing part of being on the show, no matter how challenging it has been, is [that] it has allowed me to really work on myself and realize that is something that I am in constant process and working on. And it’s for me. Walking and fearing what other people thought is something I’ve lived my life [doing] and I don’t want to live like that anymore. I want to be OK with myself. I find that really fascinating to watch back.”

The personal struggles took their toll on Crystal. She said, “I remember thinking ‘How do I look?’ That’s all I kept thinking. So when people [say I have] resting face or whatever it’s because I’m so uncomfortable, physically. I’m always awkwardly smiling because I’m nervous about being judged all the time about how I look.”

Crystal might not be your favorite housewife but I hope you admire her for her honesty. It’s a lot more than we are getting out of her castmates, I can tell you that much.


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