Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd Agree To Pay $250K In Settlement To Employees Over Alleged Unpaid Wages

On Vanderpump Rules, Lisa Vanderpump has always been known as a tough boss. But now she’s being accused of being a cheap boss too! It’s no secret that the global pandemic was hard on the restaurant industry. Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz jumped into action to raise 50K for their employees that were out of work. Lisa was busy worrying about her restaurants closing and trying to deny workers a raise in the minimum wage.

This isn’t the only time allegations of not treating her workers properly have popped up about Lisa. And now it’s time for her to pay up. As reported by Radar Online, Lisa and husband Ken Todd are about to pay $250K to former employees.  The class action suit was filed by former employee, Adam Antione, back in December of 2019. It was listed against Lisa and Ken’s business Pinky Beverly Hills LLC. The couple owns West Hollywood restaurants, SUR, Pump and Tom Tom. Villa Blanca was shut down in 2020.

Adam filed the lawsuit on behalf of other employees. He accused Lisa of violating California labor laws for allegedly “not paying wages” or “providing meal breaks.” Adam also claims that Lisa and Todd have been violating the laws for years. The suit accuses Lisa and Ken of  “manipulating or editing time records to show lesser hours than actually worked.” Court records show that 153 former employees joined the suit against Lisa and Ken.

The lawsuit has been crawling along for years now and Lisa never filed an official answer to the suit. Instead, Lisa and Ken agreed to settle the case and used a mediator to avoid the cost of a trial. In November, Adam let the court know that he reached a settlement with the two. Lisa and Ken agreed to pay $250K. All former employees who worked from the time the suit was filed until now will be considered a class member.


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Adam’s lawyer wrote to the court, “Both parties at mediation had strong positions regarding the certifiability of Plaintiff’s claims, the merits thereof, the manageability of a trial, and the likelihood in recovering civil penalties for aggrieved employees. Nevertheless, the parties concluded after considering the sharply disputed factual and legal issues involved in this litigation, the risks associated with further prosecution, and the substantial benefits to be received pursuant to the” settlement. Lawyers who represented the employees will be paid $87,500 and a hearing has been set for February of 2022 where a judge will decide to sign off on the settlement.

Court filings show that Lisa and Ken didn’t admit to violating labor laws and denied all the accusations made against them.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]