Melissa Gorga Shades Teresa Giudice For Wishing She Was Her

Remember that time Melissa Gorga joined the Real Housewives of New Jersey with her own life to show off? The one where she was becoming a singer I mean building a mega mansion with her husband or was it finding her long lost sister right before  having another baby and then getting a divorce ??? Wait, what did she come on this show to do exactly? Open a gimmick boutique while her “mega successful” husband gets hopped up on cold medicine during comedy show side gigs? I’m confused.

Melissa’s entry onto RHONJ has been questioned since the day she came on screen. More recently, Melissa’s Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip appearance with her sister-in-law and cast mate, Teresa Giudice, reopened that line of questioning. During the RHUGT filming the topic of how Melissa came to be on RHONJ was broached. At the time Melissa said, “We’re never going to agree” about how things went down.

From what I understand, Melissa’s claim is that Bravo was messaging her asking if she would join the show. As we all can see, she happily accepted that offer. Teresa’s main issue with Melissa joining the cast is that Melissa never told her she was going to be a part of filming. Melissa claims this is because the two weren’t speaking. I’m still not sure how that’s a defense.

While I still can’t quite wrap my head around how Melissa and Teresa aren’t equally to blame for this failing SIL dynamic (at best), I really do see Tre’s point in all of this. Can you imagine joining a reality TV cast with your in-law and never telling them until day one of filming? Why Mel thinks she gets to play the lightening rod of jealousy as she’s secretly clamoring for her sister-in-laws camera time is beyond me.


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Following the RHUGT inquisition and fan call out, Melissa seems to be clinging even tighter to her rejected in-law story line. She reposted a meme to her Instagram stories with a photo of her and a title reading, “When your sister-in-law hates you because she ain’t you..” Can we get this girl an MLM to shill? A vow renewal? Anything??

The Insta account @allabouttrh reposted the story and the comments came flying in. One person said, “[Melissa’s] only story line (real not made up) is fighting with Teresa.” Facts. Another re-captioned the meme, “When you don’t even thank your sister in-law for blessing you with your supporting role on another season of the Teresa show #ungrateful.”

One final commenter pointed out, ” There’s no Melissa without Teresa, so there’s that. Prove me wrong lol.”


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