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Luann de Lesseps, Cynthia Bailey, And Ramona Singer All Named Teresa Giudice As The Co-Star They Got Along With Best While Filming Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip

Stop whatever you are doing and go watch Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip on Peacock. The fourth wall has been bulldozed and the drama is so much more than I think anyone was expecting. If you’re living in a cave with internet to access this article but no way to binge the hell out of this series, then keep it moving. Spoilers ahead.

I don’t think too many people are surprised to see Kenya Moore from Real Housewives of Atlanta and Ramona Singer from Real Housewives of New York going after one another. What I am loving about this show is the group effort put in by all the women in an attempt to teach ‘Moaner some social skills. I’ve never witnessed anyone so thirsty yet feral. And who, of all people, is walking away as most liked? None other than  Real Housewives of New Jersey’s   main character, Teresa Giudice.

In an interview with Us Weekly many of the RHUGT cast members listed table-flipping-Tre as the co-star they got along with best. It sounds like Teresa has made nice with Luann de LessepsCynthia Bailey, AND Ramona. I can’t even believe Ramona is entertaining our orange jumpsuit queen. Interestingly As usual, Teresa’s sister-in-law turned castmate on RHONJ had something to say on the matter.

Melissa Gorga has not been spending as much time with her sister-in-law as I had predicted going in to this season. Personally, I was surprised to see how quickly Melissa and Tre went their separate ways. Not that I thought their friendship would be genuine or anything, I just didn’t see the social-strategy going this way. Melissa explained things, though. She said, “It always comes down — when we’re gonna break the fourth wall — then it turns into like, ‘How did you get on the show?’ And then it turns into a conversation that Teresa and I will never agree on.” Say less.


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In an early released episode on Peacock, viewers see the entire RHUGT cast talking about how Melissa came onto the show while Teresa was already in contract. During the time that Melissa came on the show, she and Teresa were not speaking regularly. It seems Teresa thinks Melissa and Joe Gorga joined RHONJ without even telling her? Which….wow. That’s just an awful way to treat someone. Melissa on the other hand seems to think the two weren’t NOT talking? Gimme the receipts. Melissa is happy to talk about all the inbox requests she received to join the show. She needs to start talking about the supposed sent and received messages between her and Teresa at the time.

It seems Teresa’s new friends came into the struggling sister dynamic with open minds. Cynthia admitted she knew there was an “issue” between Melissa and Teresa, but she wanted to see how things were for herself. Cynthia  admitted, “I honestly never really watched Jersey.”


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50Cynt offered her wisdom as well. She said, “If you are having issues with your family member, you really have to see them still, like, all the time. I knew [it] would be difficult for me, so long and short of it, I was definitely curious to see exactly what the issue was since Melissa is married to Teresa’s brother and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon and they have to see each other at least at Christmas, Thanksgiving.” And we will be watching. With our popcorn.


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