Married At First Sight Stars Zack Freeman And Bao Huong Hoang Split Amid Cheating Rumors

Season 13 of Married at First Sight was long on drama and short on successful matches. MAFS matched Bao Huong Hoang with Johnny Lam.  They are the first Asian-American couple to appear on the show. When Bao learned that Johnny was chatting with her friend without her knowledge, she felt betrayed. If you add in Johnny’s constant criticism, you have a recipe for zero trust.

On Decision Day, Johnny apologized for talking with Bao’s friend, and shocked everyone by opting to give their marriage a try without cameras. Now it was Johnny’s turn to feel betrayed. Bao was done and opted for a divorce.

Zack Freeman and realtor Michaela Clark were Season 13’s most drama-filled couple. Zack had a habit of running away whenever there was stress. And Michaela had a bit of an explosive temper. On Decision Day, Zack read Michaela a flowery letter extolling her virtues, then said that he wanted a divorce and wanted to see how things go. Excuse me? This man needs to pick a lane and stop sending mixed messages.

During the Season 13 reunion, Michaela and Zack decide to appear separately to give their updates. According to Michaela, after the couple decided to divorce, they spent eight days together at Zack’s apartment. And then, Zack called off the relationship again. After denying that he had sex with Michaela, Zack finally admitted that he did, but only because he pitied her. Where did the experts find Zack? I’m not impressed.

US Weekly reported that Bao and Zack, who started dating after their MAFS marriages crumbled, have split up. Shocker! Four months after Decision Day, Zack and Bao were filming Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? So, Zack decided to ask Bao out while the cameras rolled.

“Having gotten to know Bao the last couple of months, I think she’s an amazing person. I like how she’s always herself. I love her giddiness,” Zack said. “I really do.”

Zack explained to Bao that they both had the same goal. “I think anyone going into this process, like, wants to date intentionally. Like, you wanted to be married, so I understand that. I feel the same exact way,” Zack stated. “Nothing changes about how I feel about being married. I think it’s kind of a big risk, us going out. I wouldn’t just do this if I wasn’t serious.” Maybe Bao should have talked with Michaela before agreeing to that date.

The new couple decided that they wouldn’t date other people. Apparently, Zack didn’t get the memo. An insider told US Weekly that Zack was talking to another woman, and this revelation caused his split from Bao.


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US Weekly reported that the supposed other woman, Elena Guevara, gave a YouTube interview to Little Black Book in early December of 2021. Elena said that she and Zack had been dating for over a month. She explained that she slid into Zack’s DM while MAFS was still airing, and they swapped phone numbers.

Elena stated, “I had no idea [Bao and Zack were together], and he had told me that we weren’t able to go on dates in public because we’d be photographed together and posted on a blog.”

She continued, “He told me that if he was photographed with another woman, then the show would sue him because everyone had to be under the impression that he and Michaela were still married because people couldn’t know about the divorce, and he couldn’t file for divorce yet until after Decision Day.”

Elena, who is a cosmetology student, saw photos of Zack and Bao from Thanksgiving. After she “tried to have an adult conversation with him,” Zack denied dating Bao. So, Elena messaged Bao and the ladies discussed how Zack was playing them both.

“He is the one who is wrong. I did nothing wrong … and Bao doesn’t deserve any hate. The only person to blame is Zack,” Elena remarked.


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]