Noella Bergener And James Bergener Both Accuse Each Other Of Cheating; Noella Publicly Asks James “Stop Controlling [Her] With Money”

Real Housewives of Orange County has completely crossed over into a new era, but it’s still as messy as ever with a cast of new faces. Yes, familiar characters like Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador are still hanging in there. But the newbies, they came to play. Especially the extremely messy Noella Bergener, who is doing a pretty good job at filling the footsteps of her former friend Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Noella exudes Braunwyn energy, but with her own particular twist. But her tumultuous life is providing for the bulk of the drama on the current season of RHOC, and it’s definitely not a fun way to kick off a reality TV career.

Noella was married to James Bergener, whom she claims was known as “Sweet James” to probably only himself. However, he’s doing a pretty good job of following in the footsteps of the other horrible James/Jims (Jim Bellino, Jim Edmonds, etc.) that came before him on Real Housewives. James decided, right when Noella began filming, to abandon his wife and son and cut their credit cards. He filed for divorce from Puerto Rico and it’s been a social media mess ever since.

I want to give props to Noella for being so open and honest on camera about what’s going down. It’s obvious that she’s going through some really horrible stuff that’s playing out as viewers are just getting to know her. But it’s getting to be a bit much on social media. Her Instagram page is full of multiple-paragraph posts complete with receipts to prove James wrong. She claims her ex is controlling her by complicating their divorce process and withholding money from her, which sounds like an absolute nightmare.

Noella’s posts have been revealing her timeline of events as far as her relationship with JamesRadar Online spells it all out, revealing that the couple got legally married in 2020. James’ lawyers claim that the pair were merely dating for five years, which didn’t match Noella’s recollection of events whatsoever. She claims they had a wedding ceremony in 2017 prior to their legal marriage, and that they spent 6 years living together as husband and wife.


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Among her numerous posts calling out James‘ alleged “slap[s] in the face,” she accuses him of cheating on her. This comes after claims that Noella allegedly had an affair earlier this year, but she disputes those claims with text receipts, of course. “Texts from the day James said I admitted to/or had an affair. Still not quite sure which because he keeps changing his story,” Noella wrote. “The entire basis of his being able to file for divorce in Puerto Rico. Without an affair then he doesn’t qualify to file for divorce.”

James is also claiming that Noella admitted to cheating on him during a counseling session. “Our therapist has seen us through some dark times,” she said. “Infidelity for sure but not on my part.” All I hear is he said, she said. This comes after reports that Noella got with James while he was married to another woman. Oy vey.


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I know this is a lot to follow but bear with me. Noella has also insinuated in separate posts that James cheated on her. She claims that the day their son was diagnosed with autism, James flew to Dallas with his work partner and female employees to look at an office space. “I asked him to come home and be there for us during this very scary time and he stayed for three days,” she said. Ouch. James is probably going to post an entire 20-minute video about this if he hasn’t already. If only he spent as much time paying his taxes (allegedly).

Noella also accused James of lying when it comes to their opinions about filming RHOC. She says the pair lived in their Orange County home for three years and purchased their Puerto Rican home as a vacation getaway. They hunkered down on the island for a few months during the COVID-19 pandemic and agreed to come back to film the show. “Which was always the plan. James was a big part of filming and signed every release for both him and our son. He was my #1 fan for this opportunity,” Noella said.


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There is sometimes such thing as too much tea, and this is it. I like to speculate about the ins and outs of reality stars’ lives, but this is a little too much. Like, everyone should keep their legal papers to themselves and log off for a while.


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