Erika Jayne Is Selling At-Home Hair Extensions For Over $700

I’ll be the first one to admit that I talk a lot of smack about Erika Jayne. But since the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star filed for divorce in 2020, she hasn’t exactly helped put out any fires surrounding her mess of a life. She’s been grappling with Tom Girardi’s embezzlement allegations for well over a year and it’s only got more complicated since. But I have to give credit where credit is due — Erika has seemingly unwavering confidence. She gives the same vibes as Luann de Lesseps or Karen Huger. No matter what they are defending, whether it’s the cold hard truth or an unequivocal lie, they do it confidently. It’s impressive, so I’ll begrudgingly give one point to Erika. I’m a big girl.

Erika’s life has been a bit more toned down these days while she waits for her divorce to finalize. Oh, and for those pesky lawsuits from Tom’s alleged victims to go away. She’s just recovering from a bout of COVID-19, where I’m sure she had plenty of time to respond to all those potential suitors in her DMS. She’s been trying really hard to find a new man, even though she has no desire for another dude to put a ring on it. She’s also allegedly working on bringing back her pop career that Tom paid for. Who asked for that? I still have no idea aside from her No. 1 fan Mikey Minden.

Erika’s a single lady these days and loves to cry poor while sporting designer outfits in her million-dollar mansion. We know Bravo is cutting her a massive check for her central role on RHOBH, but Erika has lots of bills (and potential debts) to pay. $40k a month on glam doesn’t pay for itself. So in true Real Housewives fashion, Erika decided to start a business that, again, no one asked for. She’s gotta make that coin somehow.


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Erika started a hair extensions business because we’ve neverrrrr heard of a reality star doing that before (not). Pretty Mess Hair is currently doing pre-orders on its website, but it was the price tag that literally had me choking and gagging. This woman has the AUDACITY to charge up to $710 dollars for DO IT YOURSELF HAIR EXTENSIONS. Erika has an entire line of products ranging from $500-$700 that require the customer to go to a certified haircare specialist to install them, which has to add even more to the cost. This is that unwavering Erika Jayne confidence I was talking about. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lisa Rinna ends up being her only customer.

To put it in perspective, I decided to check on longtime Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams‘ haircare brand. Go Naked Hair sells a variety of hair bundles and wigs, most of them costing $100 or less. Porsha does sell a few limited edition wigs with higher price tags around $300. But Porsha’s also been in the business much longer than Miss Jayne. Humble yourself, girl.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]