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Erika Jayne “Communicates Through Costume”; Defends Spending $40k A Month On Glam

Erika Jayne is an enigma… wrapped in spandex and 50 inches of hair. But isn’t that why we love the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blonde? Since viewers met Erika, we learned this is a women intent on making a statement. No matter what the occasion, Erika is definitely not getting her face done at the Clinique counter in Dillard’s.

Fans are very familiar with Erika’s Glam Squad. The paid friends of Erika’s who live under her stairs create spectacular looks and are responsible for the image she maintains. The Squad travels with Erika in coach to such exotic locales as Dubai, Germany, and CVS. But don’t get it twisted, Erika’s collective of magicians don’t come cheap. It takes a village to maintain a dazzling facade and Tom Girardi Erika is willing to pay. Whether it’s a short wig or a ponytail higher than Mauricio Umansky in Hawaii Tom’s debt, Erika relies on her gaggle of men to set the tone. While some might balk at the extensive cost of not wearing Wet N Wild, Erika schools us on the necessity of being vain looking good.

You could say Erika is a walking, talking advertisement for the Glamorous Life (sorry, Sheila E.). But the Glamorous Life isn’t all about fashion and lip gloss, it’s about maintaining an image. While you and I may spend $13 on blush and call it a day, Erika pays a fee that could be used for charity raise a few eyebrows.

According to an article from The Kit, it costs a whole lot of money to look that impeccable. Along for the ride, she brought her Glam Squad. Makeup guru, Sam Visser and wig wizard, Castillo Bataille, accompany her when RHOBH films. Erika has been quoted as saying she spends approximately $40k per month on her face and hair. Or what you might spend to purchase an automobile. But Erika admits, the cost is probably higher. “That number is a little low, really,” she says.

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Erika defends spending the exorbitant amount because, it’s business baby! She shared, “It’s the cost of doing business! Other people agree.” Other people like Tom? Other people outside of the glam circle? Who agrees with spending $40k a month on make-up? Especially when your husband may or may not be in a spot of financial trouble? But look guys, her image is her living.

“You get to speak through your hair, makeup and wardrobe. I’m communicating through costume,” Erika explained. If she’s communicating through costume, does she run a high-end gym? Gucci must send her free workout clothes because she rocked track suits and pumps for most of last season. But no judgment from me, they were very EXPEN$$IVE tracksuits.

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Sometimes Erika takes a break from 19 layers of spackle sitting in the make-up chair for two hours every morning. Her over-worked pores need a break. “There are days when I’m totally out of office, phone off, no makeup, bathrobe. I love those days. You protect your energy, learn how to spend it and how to conserve it; save it for those who matter most to you,” Erika admits.

Oh good, so does that mean on the Glam Squad’s day off she is able to focus her attention on friends and loved ones, rather than if her foundation is blended properly? The struggle is real, y’all.

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At the end of the day, Erika has no room for people who make disparaging remarks about her lewks. “You can’t give any f***s about people you don’t know,” she said. However, Erika is a human being and of course harsh comments upset her. Erika believes “makeup and costume—as well as an alter ego she can pull out at will—help to give her a thicker skin.”

As Erika prepares to answer claims of a miniscule $3,454,804 worth of debt, once can only wonder what extravagant ensemble she will wear to court. She might not be protected from paying a hefty sum of money, but she will look flawless as hell while whipping out her checkbook.

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