James Kennedy Says He Spent More on His Proposal Than Tom Sandoval Did

While James Kennedy is always playing the “mine is bigger than yours” game, this time it is just plain tacky and inappropriate on several levels. James and Raquel Leviss got engaged during Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules in a grandiose production coined “RACHELLA.”

DJ James self-created his own Coachella moment with him headlining the main stage. It was quite the show and effort. James is no prize, but a proposal of that magnitude would surely result in a yes from almost any woman if cameras were rolling.

The pair announced the landmark occasion on their Instas with separate posts. Raquel posted, “James proposed at the iconic Empire Polo Fields of “RACHELLA” Friday night… and I said YES! I’m over the Coachella moon.”  James posted, “THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, said yes.” He also commented on Raquel’s post to say “I’m one lucky guy. Thank you, God!”

The ambitious and awe-inspiring proposal supposedly cost $25,000, according to Tom Sandoval who passed on the cost Tom Schwartz. But these Pump Rules crew of characters has a history of inflating their importance, the cost of all their material items, and their overall worth for the audience. Remember when Jax Taylor got caught stealing a pair of sunglasses while they were all vacationing in Hawaii. Sooo, humiliating. Therefore, the cost is debatable, but not unreasonable for its location and considering it was during a pandemic.

But even with all the hype, lavish lights, and creativity by James, he couldn’t stick it. At the Season 9 Pump Rules Reunion, viewers and cast learned it was all for nothing, except for the memories. The couple had split.

Confirmation of the breakup came from Raquel. She posted a picture of herself and James from the reunion taping to Insta. It read, “After these 5 wonderful years we had together, we decided we have two different goals and made the decision to call off the engagement. We love each other very much, but we aren’t in love anymore. We want nothing but the best for each other so please keep any thoughts positive. Sending Love.”


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On Watch What Happen Live, Andy Cohen asked James, “Do you regret spending so much money on your proposal to Raquel?”

James’ initial and automatic response was, “I’ve got to clear this up. Because I spent more money than Tom Sandoval did, in total, OK?” WHAT? HUH? How was that a response?! James quickly followed with, “And, no. I don’t regret anything in my life. Everything happens for a reason, so no regrets.”

Well, everyone has used the “everything happens for a reason” line, one time or another – to save face or feel better – so understandable.

BUT in the same vain, did any of those scenarios involve spending $25K to propose to the love of our your life and for it to fall apart less than a year later?  Maybe James should have some regret sprinkled in there for future life planning. Just saying.


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Have regret James… or don’t have regret. No one really cares. But the fact James’ immediate response was that his proposal was more expensive than Sandy’s was just plain sad. Not to mention, James is now without fiancé and said $25,000. Sandoval is with wife, part owner of WeHo bar Tom Tom, and is opening another bar. Whose is bigger now?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]