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Heather Gay Wanted Jen Shah To “Get” Lisa Barlow Bus Fight; Lisa Slams Heather For “Promoting Violence”

The only thing getting me through these dull winter months are my Bravo shows, particularly the ice queens on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I literally feel like every Sunday is my own personal Super Bowl, except I’m rooting for all the players involved. Well, maybe not Jen Shah if she is guilty of running a long-running telemarketing scheme. I can’t condone that, but I have to say I do find her so captivating. She has hilarious confessional moments and literally doesn’t hold back an inch. It’s complicated, my relationship with the real-life Cruella de Vil.

Jen’s friends are few and far between on RHOSLC, but that’s nothing new. Meredith Marks has completely disengaged from the Shah Sham. It’s jeopardizing her decades-long friendship with Lisa Barlow. And, as always, my Diet Coke Queen is dealing with the Bad Weather duo accusing her of plotting at all times. Even though Lisa has to admit she loves to stir the pot once in a while. Lisa and Whitney Rose seem on the up and up (somehow), but it still feels as though her beef with Heather Gay never subsided following the “good-time-girl” debacle. See, it’s hard to be bummed about cold weather when there’s so much heat in SLC.

Heather and Lisa just do not speak the same language, but I love them both. The only thing they share is their complete (and possibly delusional) support of Jen Shah amidst it all. Heather, in particular, is so ride-or-die for Jen that it’s dumbfounding. Especially when looking back at all the evil things Jen has said about her BFF. Lisa’s been a little wishy-washy with the Jen support, leading to the pair getting into a physical altercation during the most recent episode of RHOSLC. Of course, Heather is getting herself in the middle of this fiery feud, and it’s rubbing Baby Gorgeous the wrong way.

After the episode aired, Heather appeared on an episode of The Wendy Williams Show featuring guest host Michael Rapaport. The Bravo fan asked Heather to explain how she felt during the fight between Lisa and Jen on the bus. “I was thinking, ‘Get her Jen, like get her,'” Heather said. Oh boy. This isn’t the best look for Heather to condone Jen’s violent outbursts, especially considering she’s been on the receiving end. But that just shows how much Heather doesn’t rock with Queen Barlow. What a shame.


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Michael asked if Heather was being serious, and she doubled down on the claim. “I wanted her to hold Lisa accountable for saying what Lisa says in the privacy of her own room. I wanted Lisa to say it to everyone. I knew that they had conversations that Lisa wasn’t willing to admit publicly and Jen was trying to force the issue,” Heather explained. Again, I will admit Lisa is a flip-flopper, but this is a bit extreme. Especially when the ladies are already having PTSD from their first bus ride from Hell.

Heather concluded by saying that she knew it wasn’t her beef, but she was thinking that it was “between them” and that Jen should “get her.” WHY is Heather so die-hard for JEN SHAH? Like if Heather, Lisa and Whitney could somehow team up, they’d be an unstoppable trio. The Tres Amigas would have NOTHING on them.

Lisa caught wind of Heather’s comments and decided to tweet her opinions about it. “If you promote violence and say ‘get her’ you’ve got issues. #notbabygorgeous,” she wrote. First of all, I’m screaming at the hashtag. Secondly, I have to agree — Jen doesn’t need someone to amp her up when she’s in that mode. Nothing good will come out of it.


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