Lala Kent Wants “As Much Distance As Possible” From Randall Emmett

Somebody has their panties in a twist. And knowing Vanderpump RulesLala Kent, they’re gonna be some fancy panties indeed. Lala took to Instagram stories to let her followers know that despite reports, she only interacts with ex-fiancé Randall Emmett via an app. And only with regard to their daughter Ocean.

What exactly is Lauren from Utah talking about? This year’s Superbowl was held in Los Angeles. And, in a rare occurrence, one of the teams participating was a local team. Thanks to this, there were many pre, post, and concurrent parties held for VIPs throughout the weekend. And almost all of them attended by Los Angeles Ram die-hard fan and ex-Pump Rules star, Beau Clark.

It seems that at one of these parties, not only was Randall spotted, but so was his ex-wife Ambyr Childers. Oh, and Brittany Cartwright was there with Lala. Looks like even if Jax Taylor hasn’t picked sides, Brittany is still solidly on team Lala. I’m thinking with Randall’s past history of cheating, that this couldn’t have been a comfortable situation for him.

According to Us Weekly, the formerly affianced couple interacted. Albeit briefly. “It was like they didn’t know they would be at the same party and ran into each other and couldn’t avoid each other because they were in the same VIP section.” Of course, this information comes from an unnamed source, so make of it what you will.


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Apparently, the two “felt obligated to say hi to each other.” Which seems odd, considering the lengths that Lala has gone to, to distance herself from Randall. Girl doesn’t need a man, or to say hi, to validate her choices.

In a screen grab captured by @tasteof_reality, Lala made sure that people knew her thoughts on the matter.

“This is a complete lie. @usweekly you should be ashamed, & we should all question everything you publish. I never saw him. Never laid eyes on him, thankfully. IFFFF I did see him, he would never get an “obligated ‘hi'” from me. I want to maintain as much distance from him as possible, for many reasons. I will continue to co-parent through the recommended app, but that is where it ends & that will not change.”


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Ouch. Seems to me, girlfriend has some words. But good for her for sticking to her guns. That’s how we establish boundaries.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]