Lamar Odom Blasts Todrick Hall For Being A “Fake Friend” On Celebrity Big Brother

I’ve watched Big Brother from the inception, so I’m no stranger to how the game is played.  Celebrity Big Brother is slightly different in that all players make up the jury. And all jury members go home once eliminated, instead of being sequestered. The original show started out the same way… that is until Danielle Reyes played… and her diary room confessions caused her to lose the game.

The reasoning is obvious. You can only vote on what you have seen. Not on what’s going on behind your back. Or what’s stabbing you in it. That’s what’s so delightful about Celebrity Big Brother. The stars go home and get to watch all the episodes. All the feeds. They get to see who lied to them, and about what. And boy, oh boy, is this year’s jury salty. And at the center of all that salt is Todrick Hall.

You’ve got to give it to Todrick. He’s playing a good game. Of the Dr. Will variety, but still a good game. However, unlike Dr. Will, who told everyone he was going to lie, cheat, and steal his way to the end. And then did so. Todrick has everyone convinced he isn’t lying, cheating, or backstabbing anyone. Which is the complete opposite of what he is actually doing. But a total game strategy, none the less.


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Look at Todd Bridges, he got voted out by Todrick in the double elimination episode, and still spent most of his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves extolling all of Todrick’s virtues. That is of course, until he got home, saw the tapes, and has retracked all support of Todrick.

Carson Kressley voted out his ally Shanna Moakler due to his belief that Todrick would never lie to him. A move that cost him the game. Now, he’s seen what really happened and is on an apology tour. Infact, Shanna is the only one who saw through Todrick while still in the house. Her parting words were that she was turning the jury against him.

Lamar Odom is the latest to chime in on Todrick‘s behavior. Lamar was the first evictee during the double eviction. And he is not happy about it. Lamar expected Todrick to vote out Real Housewife of AtlantaCynthia Bailey. You know what we say about that in Big Brother, though. Expect the unexpected.


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Lammy took to his Instagram feed to let everyone know how he really feels about it. Posting a picture with the words, “You should have played chess, not checkers Todrick, ” doesn’t leave much to the imagination. But in case it wasn’t clear, he continued on in the caption.

“So, I was booted off of @bigbrothercbs by my fake friend Todrick. He should have been a bit more strategic as he must have forgotten I get a jury vote for the winner!” Ouch. I guess we know where Lamar stands.

I got to wonder though, will Todrick stay true to ride-or-die Miesha Tate? Or will he turn against her in the end? Which might just be the only chance he’s got to pull out a win. It’s looking like finale night will bring about some surprises for Todrick and Miesha, who seem to be the only people who think they deserve to be in the final two. Here’s hoping Cynthia can pull off the impossible.


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