Shanna Moakler’s Boyfriend Deletes All Photos Of Her From Instagram After Celebrity Big Brother Eviction

Shanna Moakler has been done dirty on Celebrity Big Brother. The superfan came to the Big Brother house ready to play. She quickly made a final two with Chris Kirkpatrick, and the two seemed poised to go far. At least in the beginning.

After the first elimination (cough* ‘Teddie Mellencamp‘ cough*) Real Housewife of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey and Carson Kressley were on one side of the house. Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall were on the other. Shanna and Chris were solidly ensconced in the middle. However, after the eliminations of Teddie and Mirai Nagasu and the self-eviction of Chris Kattan, sides needed to be chosen.

In an ultimate show of loyalty, Chris Kirkpatrick basically backdoored himself in an effort to take Carson off the block. The line was drawn in the sand, and everybody seemed to understand that. Everyone that is, except inexplicitly for Carson and Cynthia. I get that the duo didn’t fully understand the game, and often looked to Shanna to explain things. However, how do you not believe that someone has your best game interests at heart if they take you off the block at their own expense?

Things would have been much better for Shanna and Chris had they left things the way they were. Carson would have been evicted. This makes no sense to me.

Carson won HOH, made a deal with Todrick, and had Miesha up on the block. This serves everyone’s best interest. But somehow, Todrick was able to flip the house, turn things around on Shanna and make Carson and Cynthia believe that she was their biggest threat. Backdoor number two. Check. What the what? How did this happen?

Even Julie Chen Moonves seemed to be baffled at Shanna‘s ouster.  Carson and Cynthia have basically sealed their fates in the game. Todrick is officially playing the best game.

But what makes this even more heartbreaking, is that Shanna had no idea what she was going home to. Thanks to Teddi, we know, and it’s not pretty. Especially considering that during her pre-eviction speech Shanna gave a shout out to then boyfriend Matthew Rondeau, letting him know she was excited to come home and spend Valentine’s Day with him. Ouch. That has to hurt.

According to Page Six, not only has Matthew been doing DM sliding, but he’s been doing some Instagram deleting as well. The speculation is that Matthew was not happy with the friendship brewing between Shanna and Lamar Odam while in the house. Oh please, the two have a whole lot of Keeping Up With The Kardashians dish to share. It’s a connection on a whole different level.

Matthew won’t confirm this is the reason, he only says, “Soon they will know.” That’s mature. Insert eyeroll. It’s a whole other level of disloyalty to publicly breakup with someone while they have no clue.

US Weekly has chimed in, noting a source close to the former couple has said, “Shanna is going to be completely blindsided once she comes out of the house and finds out what Matthew has been up to. They were headed toward an engagement but now can be headed toward a split.” Yikes. I’m beginning to think this might be the one and only situation where listing to Teddi is probably smart.

It seems like Shanna‘s getting the last laugh. According to Page Six, she’s now unfollowed Matthew on Instagram, although she’s classy enough to keep his photos on her feed. Perhaps it’s time to start shipping a Lamar/Shanna merger.


[Photo Credit: CBS]