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Carson Kressley Feels “Awful” And Owes Shanna Moakler “The Biggest Apology Ever” After Celebrity Big Brother Eviction

This season of Celebrity Big Brother has been nothing if not entertaining. There has been some shocking game play, and some head-scratching mistakes. And regrets? Well, Queer Eye star Carson Kressley has a few.

Carson found himself on the block numerous times thanks to Big Brother power couple UFC champion Miesha Tate and singer Todrick Hall. Then Shanna Moakler and Chris Kirkpatrick decided to flip the game. Shanna and Chris joined forces with Carson and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey. Shanna was in an alliance with Cynthia, Carson and Todrick at the beginning, until Todrick bailed to ally himself with Miesha.

Miesha put Carson and Cynthia up for eviction, and Shanna won the Power of Veto. Shanna went against Miesha’s instructions and took Carson down. Miesha sent NSYNC star Chris out the back-door.

When Carson won a Head of Household competition, he nominated Miesha and Todd Bridges. To save his ride-or-die, Todrick told Cynthia and Carson that Shanna was playing both sides. But then he got creative and told them that Shanna was targeting Carson. Miesha signed off on the story, and Carson and Cynthia believed Todrick over Shanna.

Shanna explained that she saved Carson, and that she never betrayed their alliance. In the end, Shanna was sent home via the dreaded back-door. Carson sealed his fate by losing the power dynamic in the house.

When Todd won Head of Household, he put the incredibly popular Carson up for eviction. Carson was finally sent home when Cynthia failed to win the Power of Veto. Cynthia hasn’t won one damn competition this entire time, but she made it to the finale. You go, girl!

After his eviction, Carson told US Weekly, “I think we really made a huge mistake.” Duh. “I owe her such a big apology, and that’s the one thing that I learned that is the most regrettable and has made me feel so awful because we should have listened to her and not the people that I thought we could trust, which we should have known better,” Carson explained.


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Carson, who knew Todrick from their time on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, thought that his “long standing relationship” with Todrick equaled trust. “I just kind of thought, ‘Well, this guy wouldn’t be misleading me this dramatically.’ I swear [Cynthia Bailey and I] only had the best intentions and we thought we had somebody who was playing both sides,” Carson stated.

“And we didn’t know that that was mostly made up. I feel awful for Shanna and I need to send her the biggest apology ever because that is the one thing I didn’t wanna do, was something icky. And I did something icky,” he added.

Carson continued, “I feel terrible about it and I’m literally trying to figure out how I should apologize, and say, ‘You don’t have to forgive me, of course, but I just want to let you know we were sold a bill of goods and I shouldn’t have been that stupid, and it was my fault and I take complete responsibility for it,'” Carson said.


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Carson took to Instagram to again apologize to Shanna. “I met Shanna in 2008 when we worked together on CROWNED and loved her. I NEVER should have assumed she was playing me. Shame on me!” he said. “I am sorry I trusted others who I thought were friends but only intended to dupe me for their own benefit. I turned against not only Shanna, but my own values of friendship.”

Carson continued, “Like @juliechenmoonves said, I should have trusted actions over words and I learned a valuable life lesson. @shannamoakler I owe you a huge apology for this terrible mistake and I look forward to telling the world the same on Wednesday night.” So, Carson will issue another mea culpa during the CBB finale.


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Shanna shared her thoughts on Carson’s remarks on her Instagram. “If there is one thing I know @carsonkressley is that you have always had a huge heart and a kind soul. All my interviews stated how I hoped you’d be in the house and we would get the chance to play together!” Shanna wrote. “I got that chance, I can’t say my feelings were not hurt and my last days in the house sad, but I do understand it’s a game. Thank you for the kind words and acknowledgment.” She added, “Thank you for being the class act I always knew you were and I’m still taking you up on that pedicure!”


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