Chris Kirkpatrick Slams Todrick Hall For Being A “Bully” And “Playing The Victim” After Todrick Brought Up Chris’ Son On Celebrity Big Brother

Chris Kirkpatrick (self-admittedly) made a big mistake while playing Celebrity Big Brother. A mistake so large, it had him backdooring himself. And set in a motion a chain of equally bad moves. Moves which ultimately contributed to Meisha Tate and Todrick Hall steamrolling over everyone else in the house in their bid for final two.

Chris was my early pick for winner. He knew the game, set up a solid final two with Shanna Moakler, and aligned himself with both sides of the house. And when he needed to? He picked a side. In a show of ultimate loyalty, Shanna took Carson Kressley off of the block, solidifying an alliance with Chris, Carson and Real Housewife of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey.

Shanna did this knowing it could put her ride-or-die at risk of being put on the block. And possibly eliminated. Which he was. Unfortunately, not being Big Brother superfans meant that Carson and Cynthia registered none of this. Which is why they ultimately targeted Shanna and partnered with Meisha and Todrick. Essentially sealing their fate. What a waste. But I digress.

Watching the shows, we saw animosity flow between Chris and Todrick without much of an explanation. According to Us Weekly, that’s because there was a big blow-up between the two when Chris wouldn’t cave to Todrick’s demands.


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Todrick took things to the next level by targeting Chris‘s family. “I think it hurt when he brought my family [into it]. … We were talking about something when he started talking about my son and how my son is gonna be embarrassed by me, and all these things. And that really hurt. That’s the only time I actually fought back and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, what did you just say?’ Because he just said it walking away.”

Chris continued, “And he goes, ‘Oh you heard me.’ And I was just kinda like, ‘You bring my family into this and we’ve got problems because this is a game.’ In the end, it’s a game.” It is a game. But ultimately Todrick took that game too far. Which ended up costing him, his.

Chris also felt that perhaps he was too hard on Todrick, that is, until he was evicted and could watch what was happening. “I mean, the way he talked to me , it wasn’t a surprise. I think it was very hurtful, and it’s hard when someone plays a victim all the time and is a bully. And that’s how I felt, like, especially coming out of it.”


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Chris explained, “I felt horrible, I felt I did Todrick completely wrong. And then when I came out, and everybody was talking about Todrick the way they were, I was like, ‘So I wasn’t crazy?'”

Ultimately, Chris got the last laugh. Todrick and Meisha were, predictably, the last two standing. The jury cast their anonymous votes, making brief comments about their choice. Chris cast his vote with a parting shot, “My son would want it no other way.” Leaving no question as to who his vote would be for.  Point. Set. Match.


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[Photo Credit: CBS]