Shanna Moakler And Matthew Rondeau Have Been Spotted Together After Domestic Violence Charge

It should come as no surprise to, well, anyone, that Teddi Mellencamp doesn’t always know what she is talking about. But that certainly doesn’t stop her from foisting her “opinions” on everyone. As if they were fact. And with her, albeit short, stint on Celebrity Big Brother, she’s got even more to weigh in on lately.

Case in point, Teddi recently told Us Weekly that fellow CBB houseguest, Shanna Moakler‘s “really sad, and I can’t even imagine what she’s going through. My heart breaks for her, and I just hope that she’s able to heal and process all of the things that happened.”

Of course, Teddi neglected to mention that she hasn’t spoken to Shanna since her Big Brother eviction that never should have happened, (thanks Carson Kressly and Cynthia Bailey). The two have only communicated via text and haven’t even addressed the DM sliding by Matthew Rondeau. “I just let her know that I’m there for her,” shared Teddi. So really, you know nothing Teddi Arroyave.

Shanna‘s definitely been through a lot since leaving the Big Brother house. Matthew deleted all her social media presence from his feeds. Then they seemingly reunited weeks later. Matthew then took to Instagram live to lambast his former girlfriend and got slapped with a domestic abuse restraining order in the process. Only for us all to learn that Shanna was pregnant when this was all going down. Talk about sad.

However, now, according to Page Six, it looks like a reconciliation might be in the works. How are your Spidey senses working now, Teddi? Betcha didn’t see that one coming. I don’t think any of us did. Especially not Alabama Barker, who probably has a lot more to say, than “that man needs serious help” on the subject.

Shanna and Matthew were spotted having dinner together a few times over the weekend in Providence, Rhode Island. As you do. So not only are they not in Los Angeles, but they took a trip together across country? Color me confused.

A diner apparently asked the couple how they were doing. Shanna responded, “We’re okay, we’re hanging in there.” Does this mean she and Matthew will be coparenting together? Is this the conformation we needed that Matthew is Shanna’s yet-to-be named baby daddy? One can only speculate at this point.

Regardless of what is going on with the roller coaster, I can only hope that Shanna and her baby stay safe, and that Matthew has learned his lesson.


[Photo Credit: CBS]