Celebrity Big Brother’s Shanna Moakler Reunites With Estranged Daughter Alabama Barker

It’s about time something nice happened to Shanna Moakler. She’s been through the ringer lately. She was done dirty on Celebrity Big Brother. Thanks to the evil machinations of Toderick Hall and his sidekick (and eventual winner) Miesha Tate.

Todrick and Miesha used their knowledge of Big Brother to convince non-fans Carson Kressley and Real Housewife of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey to vote out their own alliance member. While Shanna did everything she could to explain to Carson and Cynthia what was actually happening. It wasn’t enough.

Now Carson and Cynthia are making their apology tour. Which is great and all. But way too late.

If that wasn’t rough enough, poor Shanna has had messy relationship drama with ex Matthew Rondeau to deal with as well. Both while she was inside the CBB house, and when she got out. She’s currently embroiled in a domestic violence restraining order situation, and that can’t be easy to deal with.

According to Page Six, Shanna has some happy news to share. Finally. It seems that she has reconciled with her daughter, Alabama Barker. The two have been estranged for some time, with Alabama living for the most part with her father Travis Barker. And I guess that means Kourtney Kardashian as well?

Shanna posted a selfie of her and Alabama together on her Instagram story. Looks like the two are hanging out once again. This is a good thing.


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Alabama has been supportive of her mom during Shanna‘s issues with Matthew. During Matthew’s live tirade, Alabama posted on her Instagram, “Just texted my mom! I’m not sure what happened on her live. I’m in contact with her and she’s okay.”

Alabama went onto say what we’ve all been thinking, “That man needs serious help.” Regardless of how much Matthew insists that he would “never lay a hand on another woman,” we all saw that video. There was nothing that wasn’t scary about it.

Shanna, for her part denies any wrongdoing. She’s not getting back together with Travis. I think we need to take everything Matthew says with a grain of salt. Afterall, this is the dude who slid into Real Housewife of Beverly Hills alum, Teddi Mellencamp‘s DM’s the second she was voted out of the house. And while he didn’t hit on her, he did disrespect Shanna. Please.


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I am, however, a little bit concerned about the Instagram story Shanna posted after her reunion pic with Alabama. It said, “Sweet dreams world. My heart is heavy.” Oh no. I hope there’s not more bad news coming.


[Photo Credit: CBS]