Kelly Dodd Thinks Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Was “Fake”

Former Real Housewife of Orange County, Kelly Dodd Leventhal has somehow found a way to make the events of last night’s Oscar’s about her. Color me surprised. It’s almost Teddi Mellencamp level, almost.

In case you somehow missed the slap heard ’round the world’ last night, I’ll clue you in. And no, I’m not talking about the slap between Real World Seattle alums Stephen Williams and Irene McGee. Although that one still has some miles on it. I’m talking about the slap award winner Will Smith gave to presenter Chris Rock.

Chris was making jokes, as comedians do. He touched on the fact that Jada Pickett Smith had shaved her head, with a reference to making a G.I. Jane sequel. While Will initially laughed, he then got up, walked up to Chris, slapped him (loudly), and sat back down with a few choice epithets. All of which were muted on the US broadcast. Leaving most of us to ask, “what in the world was that.”

It was quite the showstopper. Pun intended. Later it came out that Jada suffers from alopecia, a disease that makes one lose their hair. I had no idea she had this autoimmune, and just figured she was going for a trend-setting new look. I can only assume that Chris, like me, had no idea.


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It makes sense that Irene would go on Twitter to chime in, telling Chris, “It gets better.” After all, it’s been 20 years since she outed Stephen and he slapped her as the taxi was pulling away on Real World, and we’re still talking about it.

But Kelly? What in the world makes her a slap expert? Angry finger pointing, maybe? Loud obnoxious threats? Definitely. But slapping? Not so much.

Kelly’s comments did make for some interesting back-and-forth in the Twitterverse, though. Just one thought sparked the whole thing, asking “Was this fake?” Personal aside, I happened to have a source there, who said it was absolutely not faked. But I digress.

A viewer chimed in, “Look at how heated he was when he sat back down. No way is this fake. They wouldn’t mute everything directly after, either.” To which Kelly replied, “I agree.” So now she thinks it wasn’t fake? Wait, what?


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Another Twitter user was unsure about the whole thing, and commented, “Will Smith’s body language suggests otherwise…but, actors.” Kelly also concurred with this assessment. At this point, I’m thinking she’s just agreeing to agree, no?

A different fan felt that “Security should’ve rushed him.” Verses leaving him be, which apparently is exactly why Kelly has deduced this must be fake. Putting on the Meghan King detective hat here, are we? Is this Brooks Ayers level fake?

My favorite comment by far though, was when a Twitter user tweeted, “Cmon, you can’t tell me Rick [Leventhal] wouldn’t have done the same thing.” And Kelly clapped back with, “No… I don’t think Rick has it in him to hit anyone. I’m different.” Can’t say she’s got that one wrong. Say what you want, but at least she owns it.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]