Real Housewives Arguments That Took Place In A Moving Vehicle

Seems rather niche, right? You might think most disagreements between Real Housewives go down surrounded by a table full of food. This comes in handy when you feel like launching the contents of a charcuterie board at someone’s face. But some of our best moments have come when the “ladies” are in transit.

Sometimes they are on the way to an event. Other times they are enjoying a luxurious vacation. Glamorous soireés and breathtaking scenery won’t stop Bravolebs on a mission. By now there must be several limo chauffeurs, sprinter van drivers, and tour bus operators suffering from PTSD due to the often barbaric personalities they encounter.

Let’s review some of the more memorable moments the Housewives have shared when they have no option to escape each other. Because they are inside of a small, enclosed area, going approximately 65 MPH.

Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City / Jen Shah And Lisa Barlow

On a sprinter van headed to Zion, Utah, Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow got into a heated argument.

During a dispute over fellow cast member Meredith Marks, the troubled Bravolebrity, who was arrested in March 2021 for money laundering and wire fraud, charged at Lisa. Or maybe she lunged at Lisa because we won’t actually know if Jen can charge at anyone until she makes someone mad in jail. Jen went into nuts mode because she felt betrayed, which is ironic considering how she earned her money.

Naturally this all happened in front of the other cast members. They literally just sat there as Jen screamed in Lisa’s face. A producer had to eventually intervene to restrain Jen and keep her from racking up more prison time. If you would like to revisit this Real Housewives of Salt Lake City magical moment, check out Season 2, episode 16.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Eva Marcille And Marlo Hampton

Remember when Real Housewives of Atlanta took an amazing trip to Tokyo? As a viewer, I was actually excited to see the sites and judge whatever haute couture Marlo Hampton gifted to the audience. What I remember is NeNe Leakes acting horribly and a Japanese translator who wasn’t going to take any of NeNe’s crap. Oh how I miss that Japanese translator. I hope she’s doing well.

Anyway, because we can’t have nice things, Eva Marcille and Marlo had a back-and-forth shade session during a bus ride. It was the pettiest of petty and also Eva’s finest moment on television. It was like… a fashion fight? Marlo attempted to make fun of Eva’s semi-crunchy attire and Eva basically read her to filth. It went from clothing, to wigs, to husbands, and kids. All of the points went to Eva on that day and Marlo learned a valuable lesson. Season 11, episode 13 – highly recommend.

Real Housewives Of Orange County / Tamra Judge And Vicki Gunvalson

Season 11, episode 16 was a doozy. It was the bus ride from hell in one of the most beautiful places our planet has to offer. OF COURSE the Real Housewives of Orange County will take the majestic, green hills of Ireland and turn it into a Jerry Springer situation. The whole trip was off. Megan O’Toole King McDill Edmonds Cuffe was trying to locate her dead ancestors.

Kelly Dodd was insufferable. And Tamra Judge almost earned an Oscar when she confronted Vicki Gunvlason about rumors regarding Eddie Judge’s alleged penchant for men. ON A BUS! They were almost to the airport when the giant feud erupted and Tamra was reduced to a shaking, sniveling mess. Sometimes I miss those days.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta / NeNe Leakes And Kim Zolciak

No matter how you slice it, NeNe Leakes was jealous furious when Kim Zolciak began receiving notoriety for releasing highly-produced dance tunes. Thanks again for that, Kandi Burruss. Because the “original” plan was for the two Real Housewives of Atlanta stars to sing together, NeNe felt some type of way when her name was left out of the recording conversation. Kandi went on tour because she’s a famous music person and that’s what they do. She generously brought Kim along to promote her song and serve as an opening act.

At one point, NeNe visited the crew on the tour bus because they were headed to a cast trip in Florida. NeNe took issue with Kim’s diva behavior and decided to burn the whole place down. Kim and NeNe argued about whether Sweetie Hughes and Don Juan were welcome in Miami. NeNe didn’t want them along on a girls’ getaway but Kim insisted they are needed because she was “working.” Bless her heart. The fight that followed is what both ladies said lead to the demise of their relationship. If you want to feel multiple levels of frustration simultaneously in a 58 minute time period, watch Season 3, episode 16.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills / Kyle Richards And Kim Richards

This is it. This is the GOAT. Kyle Richards and sister Kim Richards walked in Season 1 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so everyone else could run like Forest Gump. We thank them for their service in creating a whole new level of Real Housewives arguing. I remember it like it was yesterday. Before grifters and girl gangs, there was just Kyle ganging up on Kim.

At the Season 1 finale party, an entire arc of tension spilled over in a limo. Kyle outed her sister on national television as an alcoholic. We also learned Kyle stole Kim’s goddamned house. This was only one layer of a very big onion left for the Richards’ sisters to peel. This scene made Kyle more famous than a guy running around with a knife ever could. While Kim was pretty much forced to begin her now very public battle with substance abuse. Fun fact: Kyle and Kim begged Bravo not to air the footage. The request went unacknowledged because Bravo has priorities.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]