Tamra Judge Says Diana Jenkins Is “Unrelatable” On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

On the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, wealth is one thing the group isn’t lacking. The women are very rich and it’s what we have come to expect from the franchise. Even Erika Jayne’s financial downfall still has her in a $1 million bungalow. So the cast is definitely the least relatable of all the franchises, in my opinion. Unless you’re super rich, of course. Kudos to you if so!

But not everyone thinks that out housewives should be aspirational to the point of unimaginable. As reported by Reality Blurb, Tamra Judge decided to weigh in on the wealth of newbie Diana Jenkins. On an episode of her podcast, Two T’s In A Pod, Tamra took issue with some of Diana’s “diva” behavior.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star pointed to the scene with Crystal Kung Minkoff (also super rich) and Diana. In the scene, Crystal had to explain to Diana what an outlet mall is. According to Diana, she only gets clothes sent to her. Then there was a whole scene dedicated to Diana’s staff being sent to her hotel room ahead of time. Diana explained that it’s so they can set things up how she likes it.

Tamra griped of Diana, “She doesn’t know what an outlet store is, she doesn’t shop, she has people do it for her, which is good for her, whatever. And then she sends people to her hotel room to make sure that her back is away from the door and all these things. To me, it’s not relatable and it’s going to turn people off.” In fairness, Diana lived in Europe and the UK for years and was already financially off the charts by the time she moved to the U.S. I really don’t find it shocking that she hasn’t been introduced to an outlet mall.

Maybe it will, but are fans watching RHOBH to relate to the lifestyle? Didn’t viewers complain and speculate nonstop about Dorit Kemsley’s rumored financial issues? She even had to address it on the show. My point is that RHOBH fans don’t take kindly to the idea of fake wealth. So why would they want to watch someone in their tax bracket?

Tamra went on to say of Diana, “I’m not saying I dislike her, I’m just saying if the whole season is going to go like this, she’s going to get a lot of hate.” On the other hand, co-host and former RHOBH cast member Teddi Mellencamp thinks Diana is good for the show. Said Teddi, “I think when you look at the show as like a lifestyle show there’s things that she said which are really funny and you’re like, what, but then there are also things they’re going to get under your skin.”

Even Diana’s own castmates have brought up her extreme wealth in interviews before the season aired. In March, Kyle Richards shared, “She’s somebody who you look at her, and you think, ‘My God, this woman. Talk about over the top.’ She’s very extra. She admits that herself.” But Kyle is still impressed with Diana for reasons other than her money. She added, “But she also is someone — she comes from Bosnia. She’s someone who’s been through war and seen all that — so she’s a very multi-dimensional woman and I have a tremendous amount of respect for her.”

I have to agree with Kyle. Not only is Diana a refugee of war, but she has multiple charity foundations that she has started with her money. Even though she received it from a massive divorce settlement, it’s clear that she doesn’t just want to blow it on clothes. And according to Diana’s ex-husband, she earned it. He has said of his former wife, “Will she take half my money? Of course. And quite rightly so. Without her, I would not have anything like the success I have had.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]