Dorit Kemsley Denies Money Issues, Says “Everything Is Perfect”; Would Welcome Lisa Vanderpump Back To Real Housewives

Jesus, please come take the wheel and drive this woman in the direction of reality. Dorit Kemsley, Encino resident and star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Got A Dollar? is speaking about the financial issues that trouble her and husband, PK Kemsley. Quite frankly, what else is she going to talk about? The new house she is renting? We have reached the “bless your heart” part of Dorit and PK’s financial woes, and I might actually start feeling sorry for them. Eventually. Kind of. Eh, not so much.

As you know, Dorit and PK are waist-deep in a court battle with Nicos Kirzis over a meager $1.2 million. I mean come on, Dorit and PK are upstanding citizens. If they really owed the money, they would pay it! After all, they are rich! It began innocently enough. PK was loaned some money. PK gambled it away filed for bankruptcy. Now PK feels his debt has been cleared. Unfortunately for the lender, his wallet is still feeling a little light. Nicos wants his cash and he is determined to get it. Now, despite a pending lawsuit over Dorit’s bathing suit company, a boatload of tax debt, and the current legal battles courtesy of Nicos – Dorit says it’s all good! Because, of course, she is.

My friends, Dorit has lost her damn mind might be in denial. Come on Dorit, if you help us – we will help YOU! And she needs a little help, y’all. Let’s discuss!

Dorito and PK were out on the town the other night. Naturally, they were with Boy George because no one else will hang out with poor people them. Oh I’m just kidding, just a little bank humor! As our favorite international couple continues to dodge multiple lawsuits regarding the state of their money accounts, it won’t stop them from utter delusion living life in the fast lane. If it were 1989.

TooFab caught up with the gang outside of a venue, and Dorit addressed some silly rumors you might have heard.”Everything is perfect, going good. There is no money issue, no issue,” she insisted. There is absolutely NO ISSUE with money here, people! How dare you put Dorit in a corner with nothing but a deep breath for lunch! Allow me to remind you, this is coming from the same woman who claimed to freeze her own bank account.

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As Dorit expertly deflected any concerns of cash flow, she was also asked if Lisa Vanderpump would ever be welcomed back after her surprise departure last season. Dorit replied, “anyone who wants to come back. Anyone, yeah.” Camille Donatacci Grammer Meyer 007, are you listening? Anyone as long as they have an active court case, I guess. Have to fit in with the cool kids and all. But it is highly doubtful Lisa will return, she is too busy living in a house she owns. In BEVERLY HILLS.

The ironic thing is, these high-end reality television programs are supposed to invoke, I don’t know, jealousy in viewers? We’re supposed to sit yearn for luxurious trips. We’re supposed to envy (and enjoy) rented mansions and leased expensive cars. But thanks to RHOBH, we no longer have to entertain feelings of longing over the stars’ Hermès  knockoffs bags and “stolen” Chanel baubles. If we want to emulate the lives of our favorite Beverly Hills wives, we simply have to make fraudulent sketchy business deals and not pay back loans! If certain cast members are leading by example, the general public has a hell of a lot of leeway.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]