Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Dark Matter

Dorit Kemsley’s still dealing with a lot of anxiety following the robbery. She’s trying her best to work through her issues, but it’s a lot. It’s weird hearing Lisa Rinna use the word violation about Dorit, but Crystal Kung Minkoff wasn’t allowed to do it. Noted.

Garcelle Beauvais phones Crystal the next morning to find out how she’s doing. She’s obviously holding on to issues from last season, and that’s okay. People in this group hold grudges for far too long over far less. Crystal’s entitled to her feelings, and Garcelle convinces her to stop by and talk it out.

Erika Jayne says she was backed into a corner last year, so being back in the same place is crazy. She’s trying to concoct a narrative that the victims are lying about not receiving their money. Girl, bye. Who is Erika trying to fool here? She’s crafting a facade that her life is perfect and back to normal, and everyone sees through it.

Garcelle’s looking at Erika like every word coming out of her mouth is straight bullshit. Period. She’s not going to sit there and accept the garbage is being spewed in her direction. She’s better than that, and the rest of the group should follow suit.

Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Diana Jenkins hangs out with Sutton Stracke, and they recall the incident from the night before. I’m surprised Sutton is hanging out with Diana after things she said about her. It’s only a matter of time before that situation blows up.

The group wants Crystal to speak her truth and open up about how she was feeling. Crystal’s willing to do it, but she doesn’t want to talk about it again after this. Last season she felt a big campaign to police her feelings, so she shuts down a lot. They aren’t a safe space for her. She’s allowed to say how she feels.

Out of nowhere, Garcelle says she felt Crystal set Sutton up last season. What a blindside! Crystal didn’t see that coming at all. She brings up something about Sutton from last year saying there was something dark we never heard.

I hate when people bring something up like that, and then don’t want to talk about it. If Crystal isn’t going to share her thoughts, why bring it up?

Crystal’s treading on thin ice by pulling something like this. She’s giving everyone in the group ammunition to come after her. She might wreck her friendship with Sutton over this. Plus, there’s a good chance she’s alienating herself from the Fox Force Four as well. I’d hate to see Crystal on an island by herself just because she didn’t get her point across in the most articulate way.

Garcelle Beauvais Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

It looks like Sutton’s french designer made it over the border. I know that was a big fire for her to try and put out, so I’m happy it was hosed out. Now that he’s here, she’s hosting a Parisian party. She loves a good French-themed event. She might be the biggest Francophile on the planet.

Lisa won’t be attending the party because her mother had a stroke. We know this isn’t good. This is about making her comfortable because she has a DNR. We know how much she loves her, so this is another heartbreaking moment for the women this season. Say what you want about Rinna, but nobody wants to lose a parent. It’s the worst feeling. Erika also won’t be attending the party. No surprise there.

Garcelle tells Sutton to watch her back with her new friend Crystal because of what she alluded to. This could be the thing that comes in between Sutton and Garcelle for the first time. Crystal needs to just say what it is, so we can move on. This doesn’t need to be something dragged on for too many episodes.

Kyle Richards and Garcelle are the ghost-producing duo I never knew I needed. Kyle says she was there that night and heard everything, so she knows what really went down. She knows there’s something to this Sutton/Crystal thing, but it’s going in circles. Garcelle tried to tell Crystal that dark was a strong word, but Crystal SNAPPED.

Crystal was crystal clear when she said she didn’t want that word thrown in her face. However, that’s what happens when you throw out an ambiguous comment and don’t elaborate. This is far from over.

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Dorit’s getting some sort of counseling or help for what she’s going through since the robbery. She’s doing EMDR which is apparently a good therapy for victims of traumas. It helps reprogram the brain to associate negative events with positive feelings.

You can tell Dorit’s going THROUGH it. Reliving the men holding her at gunpoint has to be harrowing. Dorit breaks down at the mere thought of something scary happening to her children. She could’ve lost them that night. Hell, she could’ve lost her own life as well. It’s haunting her. No matter what she does, the thought of the entire family being killed destroys her internally.