Larsa Pippen Says She And Adriana De Moura Are Getting Along As They Film Season 5 Of Real Housewives Of Miami

When Larsa Pippen returned for Season 4 of Real Housewives of Miami, she was the talk of the town. Or at least of her co-stars. Larsa made $10K per day with her OnlyFans account, and her cast members were buzzing about it. Larsa claimed that she once received a “lump sum” of $200,000 from the site.

After Season 1 of RHOM, Larsa moved to Chicago, and then to Los Angeles. Larsa became besties with Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian. But Larsa ended up iced out by the Kardashian family.

Larsa hinted that she fell out with Kim because of Kim’s husband, Kanye West. Now Larsa and Kim are in a better place.

Larsa’s divorce from NBA star Scottie Pippen was finalized on December 15, 2021. The couple was married for 20 years.

Alexia Echevarria was excited about Larsa’s return to the show. As for Adriana De Moura? Not so much. Adriana came after Larsa from the jump.

Adriana slammed Larsa’s appearance and said that “she’s really trying to become Kim Kardashian.” During the trip to the Hamptons, Adriana wanted Larsa’s room, so she got naked and planted herself in Larsa’s bathtub. As one does. Since Larsa planned the trip, she had the right to the best room. That’s how it goes on a Housewives cast trip.

Adriana also called Larsa “opportunistic.” At Alexia’s fabulous bachelorette party, which was held at the Versace mansion, Adriana and Larsa’s simmering resentment exploded. Adriana called Larsa, “Kim Kardashian’s minion.” During that RHOM episode, Larsa dissed Adriana’s style and claimed that Adriana was drunk every time that Larsa saw her.

Larsa said that Adriana focused her attention on her because Adriana has nothing happening in her own life. “I feel like she has gotten bitter and mean. Like a grumpy old man, you know? Larsa remarked. Damn, Larsa!

Adriana claimed that she sneaked a peek at Kanye’s penis, and Larsa accused her of fabricating the story at the RHOM reunion.

Reality Blurb! reported that Larsa discussed her current relationship with Adriana on the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast. Larsa admitted to being puzzled as to why Adriana came in hot.

“I feel like I’m so nice to her,” Larsa explained. “I never thought she would be this person towards me.” As the cast films Season 5, Larsa stated that Adriana “couldn’t be nicer to me.”


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Larsa continued, “So I’m like, ‘Am I supposed to forgive and forget how crazy you were to me last season?’ But people grow. People learn,” Larsa added.

Larsa’s RHOM co-star Guerdy Abraira was also surprised by Adriana’s behavior last season. “It was so calculated just from the beginning. That her goal was ‘Get Larsa,’” Guerdy stated. “And for what? Because she left and moved somewhere else to better her?”

I think that Adriana was jealous of Larsa. I can’t wait to see what happens between these ladies when Season 5 of RHOM airs.


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