Sanya Richards-Ross Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Drew Sidora Slams Sanya Richards Ross As A “Flip Flopping B*tch” And A Suck Up After RHOA Episode

It feels so good to be back in the swing of things with our Real Housewives of Atlanta peaches. It doesn’t feel right whenever Marlo Hampton isn’t on my TV, I just can’t explain it. Thankfully, Bravo did us all a favor by bringing Sheree Whitfield back to teach Drew Sidora a lesson or two about the game of collecting bones. We also have newbie Sanya Richards Ross, who has a hottie husband, an adorable family, oh yeah, and four Olympic gold medals. Just something light. JK, the girls are shaking.

And by that I mean, Drew is shaking. The other RHOA vets seem to think Sanya is fitting in just fine so far. Drew is just always causing problems for no reason. First, she tried to come for Kenya Moore and now She by Sheree. Who does she think she is? A damn mess with her only backup being Ralph Pittman. Drew and Sanya were getting along OK, until Drew took it to Twitter and decided to start yet another feud. She feuds enough with Ralph, she has no need to be getting into petty fights with girls that are actually cool with her.

Drew wasn’t fond of Sanya not having her back during the most recent episode of RHOA. “This flip flopping b!tch @SanyaRichiRoss keep kissing that ass,” Drew tweeted. “As fake as they come’ So we were never friends? Clearly just friendly. Notes taken.” Thankfully, @bravobybetches on Instagram captured all of Drew’s nonsense in one helpful screenshot because her Twitter is a lot to navigate.

In the same breath, Drew tweeted at Twirl claiming that she wasn’t coming for her and throwing “fun shade.” Sanya saw the hypocrisy and had a perfect clap back. “Actors gon’ act,” Sanya’s tweet began. I’m already living. “How long we been friends Drew? What’s my middle name? What’s my favorite color? Girl stop!!! And based on this tweet looks like you the one kissing ass.” Sanya is really a winner, baby. She’s seeing through Drew’s B.S. right away and asserting herself. It’s something Drew could probably learn from instead of trying to make all of these “moments” on the show that never work out for her, like her lame receipts during Season 13.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]