Sheree Whitfield Says Drew Sidora Only Got A Second Season Because Porsha Williams And Cynthia Bailey Exited Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Sheree Whitfield made her triumphant return for Season 14 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The famous bone collector is ready to do her thing, and I am here for it. Kandi Burruss even stated that Sheree is “the queen of this season, I think.”

Returning RHOA sophomore Drew Sidora is going after Sheree’s crown. Sheree slammed Drew for coming for her. “Like, girl, you can’t [go after me]. You can’t do this honey,” Sheree remarked. “It kind of kept on [going] throughout the season. And finally, you know, we got to a place [of conflict].”

Drew has serious issues in her marriage to Ralph Pittman. And we still don’t know what happened last season in Tampa. Ralph had some questionable texts from his assistant, and that sent their marriage into a spiral. The couple is trying therapy to save their relationship. Watching Ralph gaslight Drew is awful.

There is plenty of tension between Drew and Sheree because they share a shifty assistant. Drew was spreading the rumor that Sheree didn’t pay her assistant. Sheree and Drew got into it, and someone told Drew that her assistant is telling everyone that Ralph is allegedly gay. Sheree also suggested that Drew get a marriage counselor rather than pay multiple assistants. Burn!

Now Sheree is claiming that Drew is only on RHOA because Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams turned in their peaches. Drew did an interview with Dish Nation, and it was shared by The Peach Report on Twitter. In the clip, Drew referenced her argument with Sheree. Drew said, “I don’t regret [nothing]. Like you said, that is my husband. What I’m not gonna do is ever stand for someone to talk about my husband, okay, or my children, or my money.”

She continued, “You know, like that’s what you’re not going to do. And yes, I’m from Chicago so we talk with our hands. I am expressive. But that never gives you a right to disrespect my family.”

One of the hosts of Dish Nation asked Drew, “Is Sheree the most annoying Atlanta Housewife in your opinion?” Drew responded, “I mean I just feel like Sheree comes and she goes, and she needs to be worrying about if she’s coming back next season. That’s what she needs to be worrying about. But she has She by Sheree.” Drew added, “She really needs to focus on She by Sheree because I haven’t seen sh*t by Sheree.” Fair enough.

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Host Da Brat asked Drew, “Everyone knows the Real Housewives of Atlanta is famous for its reads. Who do you think on the show gives the best shade?”

“I would say my girl, Kandi. Kandi gives those reads where you’ll be like ‘did she just read?'” Drew remarked. “You don’t even know that she just read you. Then you’re faced with it and you’re like ‘what just happened?'”

Sheree retweeted the interview and responded to Drew’s shady comments. Sheree tweeted, “Girl bye! Not worried about that at ALLLLL!” Sheree continued, “Don’t get too ahead of urself newbie…”Everybody knows” (Phaedra [Parks] voice) the ONLY reason u got a 2nd chance was bc of the loss of 2 long term (peach emoji) #charitypeach turned #rottenpeach #putsomerespeckonmyname.” Damn!

Well, it looks like this feud will be going on all season.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]