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Gizelle Bryant Slams Teddi Mellencamp’s Claim That Her Podcast With Tamra Judge “Is The Most Listened To Housewives Podcast;” Gizelle Says It Is A “Non-Housewives” Podcast

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp admitted that she was fired from the show in 2020. Teddi teamed up with former Real Housewives of Orange County firecracker Tamra Judge for a podcast called Two T’s In A Pod.

According to Teddi, she doesn’t miss being on RHOBH anymore. Many fans feel the same way about Teddi’s yawn-inducing time on the show.

Teddi joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother–briefly. Teddi was the first person sent home from the CBB house. Ouch!

According to heavy., Teddi posted a video on Instagram doing a model walk with Tamra. At the start of the video, Teddi lip synchs “I have one thing to say.” Then Tamra added, “You better work, bitch.” Apparently, the purpose of this head-scratching post was to tout their podcast’s impressive fan base. Yay?

“Can y’all believe @iheartradio hired us two knuckleheads and we are the most listened to housewives podcast? Tag whatever current or past housewife you would like us to have on next!” Teddi wrote. “We aim to please ish. @two.ts.inapod @tamrajudge.”

Well, there is another set of Housewives podcast hosts, and they don’t believe these facts. On the June 2022 episode of their Reasonably Shady podcast, Real Housewives of Potomac stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon shared their feelings about Teddi’s Instagram post. Spoiler alert–they weren’t happy.

Tamra and Teddi, y’all failed to say that y’all are the most listened to non-Housewives podcast. Former. Ex,” Gizelle remarked. “And yes, I’m being shady.” Gizelle throws some epic shade. Just ask her frenemy, Karen Huger, who is often on the receiving end.

Robyn wondered where Teddi got “this statistic from.” Gizelle stated, “I’m going to have to pull some iHeartRadio numbers ladies because what y’all saying ain’t true. And for the record the challenge is on.” Gizelle also commented that Teddi’s post was “like fighting words.”

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“I kind of got offended. A little bit,” Gizelle explained. “For those of you who don’t know, Tamra used to be on the Real Housewives of OC. Teddi Mellencamp was on Beverly Hills and actually I like these two ladies.” Gizelle continued, “And don’t get me wrong Tamra – all due respect you were on OC for like 12, 13, 14 years. All due respect.”

She added, “Teddi you were on Beverly Hills for four minutes so we’re not even really counting you, yes, I’m being shady. But come on now y’all you’re going to just ignore Robyn and Gizelle?”

Robyn theorized that Teddi shared the post for attention. According to Robyn, Teddi and Tamra’s podcast is popular because they are no longer working for Bravo and “can talk all types of s*** about their shows.” Robyn added, “So they might have a bunch of nosey people wanting them to talk s*** about other Housewives.” Bingo! That is exactly what Tamra and Teddi discuss.

If Tamra and Teddi’s podcast is more popular, it is only because they can spill all the tea they want because they are no longer Housewives. But I would still like to see the stats on this one!


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