Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump Denies Dorit Kemsley’s Claim That She Ignored Her At A Party

Honestly asking – is Dorit Kemsley bored? She seems to be stuck in the past. And intent on taking down former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate Lisa Vandepump. Maybe Puppygate bothered her more than we thought. Or maybe Dorit is just stirring up drama. Either way, she has gone to great lengths to paint LVP as a horrible friend.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Dorit claimed that Lisa ignored her and husband PK Kemsley at a birthday party. Lisa hopped on Twitter to clear things up and defend herself. Instagram fan account Bravo Snark Snide captured Lisa’s tweet. She wrote, “Misrepresentation of the facts, we crossed paths Robert Earls 70th birthday party at Mr Chows…six months BEFORE her robbery..I was sitting between the birthday boy and Mr Chow…she was in the other room.And no I didn’t speak with her. Oh dear I think she’s confused again.”

Dorit had claimed on WWHL that the party took place 3 months after her traumatic break-in. And she referenced the argument that ignited the feud, where Dorit claimed that LVP never reached out to them after their home invasion. Dorit explained, “Listen, I’ve heard a lot of things. I heard that she reached out to me, thought she was blocked, so you never really know what to believe.”

She continued, “I know this: If we had received the message, we would have responded. I don’t want to drag this LVP thing on, but three months, four months after the incident, we saw her. We were at a mutual friend’s 70th birthday party.”Dorit concluded, “If you had sent a text message and you really cared, approach one of us and say, ‘How you doing? I sent you a text, I didn’t hear back.’ Nothing.”

Lisa has maintained that she did send PK a text. Her tweet read, “Fact…I reached out…they didn’t reply.” In a follow up tweet, she added, “Setting record straight… Of course I reached out to PK! And yes …after [the] accident not a word…from any of them …but that’s ok, I had pillars of support..” In that particular tweet, she included a screen shot of her supposed text to PK. The text was dated October 30th of 2021 and read, “I’m so sorry to hear what transpired glad you’re all safe.”

LVP also showed her evidence to Page Six by giving them access to her phone. She showed the same message, dated 3 days after the robbery. The iMessage was marked “delivered,” ruining Kyle Richard’s theory that one of them was blocked and therefore, no message was received.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]