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Lisa Vanderpump Responds After Kyle Richards Calls Her “Crafty” For Claiming She Reached Out After Dorit Kemsley Was Robbed At Gunpoint

The debate rages on. Did Lisa Vanderpump text Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley after their traumatic home invasion? On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, when asked, Dorit claimed that Lisa did not reach out. This set off a social media battle between Lisa, PK and Dorit. Naturally, Kyle Richards also got involved to defend her Fox Force Five member. Lisa took to Twitter to show receipts of her texting PK, but Kyle wasn’t buying it.

In a recent interview, Kyle claimed that the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star likely didn’t reach out. Said Kyle, “Let me say, she’s very crafty, so I don’t know. I mean, who am I inclined to believe? Obviously Dorit and PK.” Kyle added, “We’re not sure how Lisa can show a text that none of them can show on their phone, so we don’t know.”

But when talking to Page Six, Lisa did just that – by responding to Kyle and showing off her proof of text. As for Kyle calling her crafty, Lisa responded, “Oh, I hope I’m crafty! Crafty means you’re smart, right? I’ll take it as a compliment. But when it comes to this,” she added, showing off her iPhone, “no, this is honest. And no, I never had to play games. I didn’t need to.”

Lisa decided to prove it right then and there. She stated, “I can prove that to you. Can I show it to you? I wouldn’t know how to doctor a text. All I know is I go to contacts, I go to his name, I press ‘message’ and there it is. It pops up.” Lisa then unlocked her phone, pulled up PK’s contact information and showed the text message history between them. The most recent text was exactly what Lisa said it was. On October 30th, she wrote to PK, “I’m so sorry to hear what transpired glad that you’re all safe.” That was just a few days after the robbery.

According to the Page Six reporter, the text showed that the iMessage, in blue, had been “delivered.” Which indicates that neither Lisa nor PK had each other blocked at the time it was sent, like Kyle had suggested. Kyle had mused, “I think that Vanderpump blocked everybody so maybe it didn’t go through. I don’t know.” So, if Lisa had PK blocked, how would she have sent the message in the first place?

The text that Lisa shared was the same one she tweeted out as proof that she did reach out to PK. On May 14th, Lisa tweeted,“Setting record straight… Of course I reached out to PK! And yes …after [the] accident not a word…from any of them …but that’s ok, I had pillars of support.” Lisa is referring to her recent horseback riding accident, where she was thrown off a horse and broke her leg. In the tweet, Lisa also included a screenshot of the text she sent PK.

As for Lisa’s reasoning for not reaching out to Dorit directly, Lisa noted that she is better friends with PK. She explained, “Because I had an existing relationship with PK prior to them [being together], and, you know, I just felt that I wanted to reach out to him.” PK has denied that Lisa reached out with a post on his Instagram account.

But none of this is coming as a surprise to Lisa, who has a tumultuous past with this RHOBH cast. She concluded, “They constantly come at me. That was one of the reasons I left. But it’s OK. I’ve moved on from it. I’ve just opened a new restaurant, I’ve got the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, we have TomTom, we have Pump, we have SUR, Vanderpump Rules has been picked up. I don’t have time for the negativity.”


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