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Randall Emmett Allegedly Offered Movie Roles In Exchange For Sexual Favors

Randall Emmett’s rep is working overtime lately. His very messy break up with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent seems to be the least of his problems these days. Money By Monday Randall has been hit with a multitude of lawsuits. Including alleged unpaid debts and even “conspiracy to commit fraud.” The Hollywood producer also owes $500k in taxes. The IRS debt was revealed when he tried to get his child support reduced for his two kids with ex-wife Ambyr Childers.

But aside from money problems, Randall is now being accused of something more insidious. As reported by Page Six, Randall has allegedly been offering actresses work in exchange for sex. The accusations come from an explosive piece on Randall published by the Los Angeles Times this week. Randall told Page Six through his rep, Sallie Hofmeister, “This stems from one allegation dating back from 2012 that Randall denies.”  He also places the blame on Lala, who left in in October of 2021 after rumors that he had been cheating on her. The two share daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett, who turned 1 in March of this year.

Sallie said of Lala, “These allegations are false and part of a now-familiar smear campaign orchestrated by Randall’s ex-fiancée to sway their custody dispute. Lala Kent has lied and manipulated others in her desperate attempt to win full custody of her daughter, keep her name in the press and remain relevant in reality television.”

While Lala’s rep has declined to comment, a source talked to Page Six. They said, “This piece was clearly [done with] many, many sources over many, many months of reporting by the LA Times. Lala was a small part of this whole story. The article is really focused on Randall’s shady business practices for the last 10 years-plus.”

The insider added that the LA Times claimed it published the exposè after reviewing hundreds of court filings. In addition to internal company records. The publication also interviewed dozens of former associates. These associates backed up the claims of Randall being deep in debt. And corroborated the allegations of abuse.

High-powered attorney Gloria Allred is representing one woman who claimed that Randall improperly propositioned her. She said that at 23 years old, he told her “that to receive acting work from [him], she would have to perform sexual favors.” The actress asked to remain anonymous out of fear. The same woman also claimed that she once text Randall about a part she auditioned for. His alleged response? “Yes. one day of work and u need to f—kme [sic] hun.”

The young actress ended up being in 2 minor roles in Randall’s films. But according to Gloria, she allegedly gave Randall massages and oral sex. She also alleged that she allowed Randall to “digitally penetrate” her and he masturbated in front of her in his office. Yikes. As noted in the letter written by the women through her attorney, she complied because she was “seeking to further her career.” And she didn’t want to “anger an important producer in the industry.” Randall’s rep denies that “allegation from 2012” as well.


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But the LA Times did report that despite his denials, Randall reached a settlement with his accuser in January of this year. Gloria’s client will receive $200k to be paid over 2 years.

Yet another woman claimed that Randall sent her “unsolicited” direct messages on Instagram this year. The 30 year old woman provided a declaration filed in Randall’s custody proceeding. In it, she claimed that Randall wrote to her, asking her to “f—k on the dl.” She also claimed he asked her to “do heroin and meth.”

The woman stated in court docs, “I was shocked, concerned and afraid because Randall is a stranger to me. His persistence despite my never responding to a single message from him is frightening.”


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His rep told the LA Times that Randall has been sober for a year. Sallie added, “This allegation conveniently arose in his custody proceeding with Lala, who could provide no forensic proof that these texts were not spoofed using one of many apps. Needless to say the judge gave this no credence. In addition, Randall provided the Times with unimpeachable proof that he had tested negative for drugs during this period and continues to be drug-free.”

The third woman, who also wants to remain anonymous, told the LA Times about her own interactions with Randall. She claimed that in 2014, Randall pulled up to her in his Rolls-Royce. She was leaving a bar when he allegedly told her, “I’m not a creep, I promise. I’m a movie producer, you can Google me — please Google me.” Randall denies that ever happened.


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But the LA Times also reported that Randall allegedly paid women to sign NDA agreements to keep quiet. He denies that as well. Randall would allegedly email his lawyer and have him wire money to the women so they wouldn’t out him. One Florida model who claimed to have an affair with Randall said he sent her $20k to keep quiet. Sallie denied to answer to that accusation. But she told Page Six, “As the Times acknowledged, there is zero proof that Randall paid her any money to sign an NDA. In fact, she said just the opposite.”

Lala also claimed she was offered money by Randall. She alleged he offered her $14k when they started dating. All while he was still married to Ambyr. She said she declined to take the money. But his rep has an explanation for that as well. She stated, “Randall did not want their relationship discussed on Vanderpump Rules, but after four years of resistance, finally agreed to appear because the producers had threatened to cut Lala’s contract if he did not.”


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In addition to the sexual harassment claims against him, Randall also stands accused of creating a hostile work environment. Sallie defended Randall on that claim too. She said that he “knows he can be demanding and expect the absolute best from his assistants, and regrets if he hurt any of their feelings.”

Regarding the multi-million dollar lawsuits against Randall, his rep concluded, “These figures come from unresolved claims in pending lawsuits, most of which were filed during the pandemic when movie production dramatically slowed.”


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