Top 5 Takeaways From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 14 Episode 16

Welcome back, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans! The ladies are finally back from Jamaica and I’m relieved. Why? Primarily because it was a boring cast trip. Sanya Richards-Ross spent most of the time working, leaving the women to create their own drama. Which was in short supply. But both Sanya and Sheree Whitfield were busy collecting bones along the way, which we are going to start seeing play out in this episode. So here are the 5 takeaways from the latest episode.

Drew And Ralph Need Counseling

Ok, maybe it’s not fair for me to involve myself this much in someone else’s marriage. But I cannot be the only one who thinks Drew Sidora and husband Tampa Ralph Pittman need some serious help. Despite going full steam ahead with a book about being a step-parent, the issue remains that Ralph backed out on adopting Drew’s son, Josiah. And it clearly doesn’t sit well with Drew, or her mom for that matter. At the photoshoot for his book that is “75% done” according to Drew, the topic comes up AGAIN.

Drew maintains that she wants to respect Ralph’s journey and that maybe he will adopt Josiah in the years to come. But her mom, Pastor Jeanette, sees the red flags a mile away. She tries to help but Tampa Ralph is a smooth talker and worms his way out of it. His reasoning is that Josiah’s biological dad wasn’t comfortable with the idea. Fair enough, but Josiah is aware of both a biological father who is not involved and a step-father who won’t adopt him. Not the best information for an 11 year-old to have.

But Drew is loyal to a fault and continues to go along with whatever Ralph says, which will likely be to her detriment.

Sanya Just Can’t Quit Kenya

Sigh. Sanya is really struggling to find her moment on the show. She’s trying, no doubt, but going after Top Dog Kenya Moore probably wasn’t the way to go. Her tagline says this isn’t her first race but it’s definitely her first rodeo.

After Drew gets her achilles surgery, both Sanya and Sheree come over to eat some personal chef-cooked food that would make Kandi Burruss mad she wasn’t invited. While talking, Sheree reveals to Sanya that Kenya said her husband, Aaron Ross, was being aggressive when he stuck up for Sanya during their dinner fight. Sanya seizes the moment to try and confront Kenya….via phone.

Sanya calls Kenya, who has just woken up and really doesn’t have time to entertain Sanya’s qualms about her husband. While Sanya tries to bark out a warning, Kenya tells her she will have to wake up and call her back. Lol. So much for Sanya setting a boundary. This is apparently strike three for Kenya, Sanya tells us in her confessional. But I don’t think anyone believes it. Including Sanya.

Surprise! Now Make Up And Play Nice

Drew and Sheree get the brilliant idea to play peacemakers between Marlo Hampton and Kenya. The two have only escalated their feud and things don’t seem to be getting any better. So the two plan a surprise birthday party for Marlo and Kenya and in one of their better moments, invite the Birthday Girls’ loved ones to celebrate.

Before the party kicks off, Drew slaps Sheree with an invoice for the soiree and naturally, Sheree is balking. Drew tells us that their shared assistant was right – Sheree doesn’t pay her bills. I guess she was busy sinking all her money into a fashion show with no fashion, but more on that later. Drew dubs her “Sheree don’t pay” and I have a feeling that will follow Sheree. Score one for Drew, who is definitely not known for her reads.

The party is perfectly fine, with some nice words from Marlo and Kenya’s friends. They toast over the suggestion of the two making peace. But Kenya isn’t ready to let go of some of Marlo’s below the belt jabs from the past. So we get a montage of all the horrible things Marlo has said to her. Lest we forget that Kenya has also hit below the belt, producers treat us to Kenya’s montage of slamming Marlo.

Finally, Sheree hands out some horribly tacky invites for her fashion show. Each invite features a tiny outfit enclosed in a plastic box, to showcase Sheree’s clothes. One even has a little handbag. What in the Barbie Dream House is going on? Given that Sheree is saying her pieces are stuck in Alaska, maybe Sheree is going to actual use little dolls to model her clothing. It’s not a bad idea, given the circumstances. Speaking of the circumstances…..

She By She….You Know What, I Can’t Keep Doing This

Sheree is in desperate need of help when it comes to her fashion show. Since she first told us about her fashion endeavors, we have changed Presidents 3 times. That’s right – even the U.S. government moves faster than Sheree’s clothing line. With two weeks until the show, Shree sets up a casting call with her Fashion Show Coordinator, Rawan.

What Rawan doesn’t know is that she just walked into the lion’s den because Kenya is also going to be attending this casting. And she brought the “coochie crack” vibes from years ago. Did Sheree learn nothing from Kenya sitting in on Cynthia Bailey’s casting event? Apparently not. Because Kenya goes right for Rawan.

She doesn’t even bother to shade her, she just straight dunks on her. Say what you want about Kenya but she’s right – Rawan is not getting the job done. All after Sheree claiming she spent $1 million on this? I need to know what, where, how, why and when immediately.

Kenya vows to help Sheree get some proper models and Rawan is pushed to the side. Which is probably best for her since she might not get paid.

Why Are You Giving Me Apollo Nida? Why?

In an effort to hire one more model for her show, Sheree meets Apollo Nida for coffee. Her reasoning is that Apollo used to model so she could really use him. But….Apollo has seen better days. Regardless, Sheree reveals that they have been friends for years? The only flashback producers have to show for it is them talking at a party on the show. But Sheree looks to Apollo for advice on her relationship with Tyrone Gilliams, who I didn’t even realize was still in the picture.

Apollo is all too happy to add insight from his prison experience. And it’s not the insight Sheree was hoping for. According to him, jail is boring and inmates like to talk to multiple women to pass the time. Is he speaking from experience? Either way, Apollo clearly thinks that Tyrone played Sheree for years.

She gets teary and it’s sad to see such a strong woman get conned by a guy who clearly isn’t worth it. But in true housewives fashion, no pun intended, next week’s preview reveals Tyrone showing up FOR THE FASHION SHOW. Will he model? Is he going to apologize? Did he bring the Barbies? Tune in next week to find out. See ya then!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]