Drew Sidora

Drew Sidora Thinks Marlo Hampton and Kandi Burruss’ Friendship Is Officially Over

This season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has been nothing short of amazing. Feuds left and right, friends of the Housewives are involved in some of the drama, and they gave us a show almost every episode.

Marlo Hampton — a longtime friend of the show turned first-season peach holder really delivered on her promise. For years, Marlo has been begging for a peach from the network and from Andy Cohen. Many of her co-stars (Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes) have been quick to say that Marlo would NEVER snag a peach simply because she’s not the network’s cup of tea. Well, look how wrong they were.

Every single Housewife was clocked in and ready to work this season thanks to Marlo keeping them on their toes. One of the biggest fights of the season revolved around Marlo and RHOA vet, Kandi Burruss. I always enjoy an interesting fight — especially between two cast members that have a longstanding history, but the blow-up between these two was actually kind of hard to watch.

Throughout the season, Marlo came for Kandi… hard. This wasn’t fun shade, this was LETHAL shade. In an earlier episode, Marlo could be seen speaking with Shereé Whitfield where she said Kandi was a “ho” and that she “f–ked everybody for free.” As the season continued, Marlo kept coming for Kandi in her confessionals until it all reached a boiling point during their second cast trip to Jamaica. During the dinner, Marlo not only came for Kandi but also came for Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker. This wasn’t a surprise as many of the women have claimed Todd is opportunistic — oh, and don’t forget Mama Joyce thinks so as well.

After the trip ended, Marlo and Kandi can be seen making up in the airport over a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Honestly, I can’t blame Kandi here — I probably would’ve swept things under the rug for KFC as well. And despite the chicken being the unifying force here — Drew Sidora, who saw it all first-hand doesn’t think their truce will last. She told Page Six, “I think for the moment, it was like, ‘OK, all is well. Thank you for this chicken.’ But in the long term, there’s no real resolve there because you can’t say certain things and just try to apologize and it goes away.”

One thing we know about Kandi is that she’s a businesswoman. She cares very much about her brands… yes, with an ‘s’ — and will do anything to protect her legacy and image. After all, she is worldwide. Also, Kandi is very philanthropic and she’s been vocal about that both on and off the show. On an episode of RHOA, Marlo can be seen saying, “… you don’t even have it in your heart Kandi to help other people.” To which Shereé responds, “she’s for herself.” Because of this, I am not surprised to hear Kandi coming for Marlo during the RHOA reunion trailer sneak peek slamming her for making such an outrageous comment. These statements in addition to everything else Marlo said this season is what I think really drove Kandi to her breaking point after the season wrapped filming.

Marlo has been very open about the fact that she doesn’t know how to “read” the girls so instead, she shoots below the belt. Drew also added, “I don’t agree with how she attacks people … I do feel like Marlo has a lot of work to do and a lot of repairing to do before people can openly trust her and embrace her fully.” Drew also mentioned that she feels Marlo was adding “a little extra” sauce in her scenes to secure her peach for season 15. To this, I will say… if anyone knows a thing or two about doing THE MOST in a scene to secure a future season, it’s Drew. Let’s talk about the doggy bones, shall we?


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